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My Politicians Are Stupid
This is Lonnie Johnson.  He is a sex offender.  He was charged in 2007 with 21 sexual assault charges.  Authorities allege he had inappropriate contact with his stepdaughter and her cousin over five years beginning in 2001.  Lonnie Johnson is also mentally incompetent.  4th District Judge James R. Taylor ordered convicted sex offender Lonnie Johnson freed from a state hospital after he was found incompetent to stand trial on new charges, but not a danger to society.

The story of Lonnie Johnson sparked such protests in the community of Provo and the entire state of Utah, that this year the Utah State Legislature passed a law called "Lonnie's Law".  This law was tailor made to put Lonnie Johnson in the state hospital.  Except for one thing...

Apparently the Utah State Legislature did not craft "Lonnie's Law" in such a way that it would actually apply to Lonnie.  The people who fill the Utah State Legislature are stupid.

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