Again, I Like Vice Magazine

On Thursday, Vice Magazine posted an article about violent protests going on in Bangkok.  What?  You mean you haven't heard of these protests?  That's okay, neither had I.  This is a story that has gone largely unreported in the American press.  Of course, CNN may have done a story about it, but I haven't watched that shit since the debacle that was their coverage of the Boston Bombings.

This is why people should get their news from a diverse number of sources.  There are lots of stories out there that don't get ample coverage in the American press that people should know about.  There can also be differences between the way that one news source covers a story in comparison to another.  Details, knowledge, insight, bias, all of these things can be known and sorted through if you get your story from multiple sources.

Where am I going with this?  What is the point of this?  What differentiates this blog post from any of the other blog posts that tell people to not trust the media?  Do I have an ending for this?  Hey, look a kittie.

Project Buy A Soda Machine

So I get in from shoveling the snow, turn on my computer, and am met with this:

Now I want a Sodastream machine, whatever that is, in addition to the Fiat I discovered I wanted yesterday.

Project Buy A Lame Scooter

In addition to pursuing Project Buy A House, I am actively thinking about what kind of vehicle I want to purchase next.  Sure my car isn't that old, and sure I haven't had any serious problems with it, but I am a liberal and people keep on pointing out to me how hypocritical it is for me to be a liberal and drive a giant gas guzzling SUV even though I don't care about what those people are saying.  In summation, I want a new vehicle for reasons.

I've been thinking about getting a small vehicle, and perhaps a scooter.  This would be great for gas mileage, be better for me economically because I would spend less money on gas, and (insert third reason here that also references gas mileage).  The question is which scooter do I want to buy?  Do I want something small and zippy like a Vespa, or something with more power but still economical like a Honda.  Perhaps there are other options out there.  Perhaps there is a battery powered option out there is appeals to my need to reduce the amount of gas I use while also making me look like a complete doucebag.

Yeah, no.  No, not a Ryno Motors Scooter.  Not because of the way it looks, but because of the range.  A scooter like this might be good for short trips around town, but I live twelve miles away from work.  I don't want to make it almost all the way to work and then have to push my scooter down the street while gas guzzling car after gas guzzling car nearly hit me as I do so.  Perhaps I'm going about this all wrong.  Perhaps what I want is a smaller car, but which one?

Okay, now I want a FIAT but can't explain why.

I Got 99 Problems And A Bra Ain't One

When I wake up in the morning, I usually check my RSS reader for any news that had broken overnight.  As I do so, I am presented with many situations that fall under the category of "Things I Will Never Have To Deal With".  I experience a kind of  schadenfreude type joy when I read about conflicts in some part of the world I have never been to and have no intent on ever going to, problems with having to deal with non-bank affiliated ATMs that might be connected to organized crime, or how to adequately fund pre-school education programs and what kinds of programs that money should fund.  These, and many other things, bring a certain level of joy to me because these are the problems of other people who are not me and will never be me.  I will never have problems like this and so I can merrily mock these people and their problems.

Oh No...the Cyborg Bras are upon Us.

Yep, I will never have to deal with this problem in any context or any way.  Nope, never.

I Am In Agreement With Trent

I usually don't watch The Grammys.  It's nothing personal against The Grammys, I don't watch award shows in general.  I generally have better things to do with four hours on a Sunday night, for example listening to Orange Lounge Radio.  However this year was different for one reason.

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross to Score David Fincher's 'Gone Girl'

After reading that Rolling Stone article, and finding out Nine Inch Nails was going to close out The Grammys broadcast, I set my DVR to record this four hour behemoth broadcast.  After OLR wrapped up on Sunday night, I sat down to fast forward through the broadcast to the very end.  I turned my stereo up, sat at rapt attention, and was fully expecting something awesome.


Trent Reznor Tweets "F--- You" to Grammys After Nine Inch Nails Performance Gets Cut Short

I am in agreement with Trent Reznor.  Furthermore, I now have a reason to not watch The Grammys again.

Possible Utah Smokescreen

There's an article on Vice Magazine about the anti-gay laws that were recently passed in Nigeria.  The article, by Oscar Rickett,  asserts that the convoluted, illogical, and often redundant laws against homosexuality in Nigeria may be a smokescreen drawing attention away from systemic problems inside the Nigerian government.  These problems include power shortages, economic inequality, piracy, militant terrotism, and ethnic strife.  Rickett says in his article:

With all these issues going unaddressed, the one thing Jonathan could guarantee support on was bashing homosexuality.

This article piqued my interest.  With all the attention that was being brought to Nigeria, and other African countries, over their anti-gay laws, none of that attention included talk about the other problems that people are encountering in their country.  It makes me rethink the coverage of such issues in the media.  It also makes me rethink the actions of my local officials.

Utah Will Not Recognize Same-Sex Marriages That Have Already Been Performed: Governor's Office

Another Opinion About Michael Schumacher's Medical Situation

On Wednesday, Jalopnik posted an article by former F1 Racing doctor Gary Hartstein, pictured above, about the injuries suffered by F1 Racing legend Michael Schumacher in a skiing accident last December.  As a part of the article, Jalopnik disclosed the following:

"Dr. Gary Hartstein is the former Chief Medical Delegate for the FIA and former head doctor for Formula One. He has been providing reasoned analysis of Michael Schumacher's injuries that occurred in his skiing accident at the end of 2013. This latest post provides more insights based on his knowledge of injuries like this. It isn't fact. He isn't working on Michael. But he also isn't making stuff up. His analysis is based on medical experience and is very worth looking at."

In light of the fact that he was giving his medical opinion on a patient that he hadn't actually examined, people have started to question if Dr. Hartstein had the necessary medical knowledge to say what, if anything, was going on with Michael Schumacher.  For this reason, we here at the Redertainment Corporation Of America sought the expertise of an outside medical source.

Bill Frist, pictured above, is a cardiothoracic surgeon as well as a former United States Senator.  Like Dr. Hartsein, Dr. Frist has not conducted a medical examination Michael Schumacher, but has seen Mr. Schumacher race on TV.  When asked about this case, Dr. Frist gave us the following statement:

"There are deep question that need to be answered in this case.  I object to the assertion that Mr. Schumacher is in serious condition following a cerebral hemorrhage.  I question it based on a review of the video footage which I spent an hour or so looking at last night in my office.  It is my belief that Mr. Schumacher is in fine physical condition, and can be ready for the Austrian Grand Prix on March 13th through the 16th."

While you may dispute whether Dr. Frist can make such a determination in this case, it must be said that the amount of knowledge that Dr. Frist has in relation to this specific case compared to the amount of knowledge that Dr. Hartstein has in relation to this specific case: None.  One thing is not in dispute: In his statement, Dr. Frist has mistaken Austria for Australia.

Glacier by John Grant

I was recently turned on to this song by my personal icon, Amanda Palmer.  After listening to the beginning of this song, I sought out and bought John Grant's most recent album, Pale Green Ghosts.  The slow beautiful piano work is what most strikes me about this song.  It's hard for me to describe just how good this song it.  Just listen to it.  Then, if you wish, purchase some of this man's work.

Project Buy A Drug House

As I continue to pursue Project Buy A House, I am also thinking about just how I will decorate my house.  What furniture I want to buy, what kind of lighting I want to utilize, what colour I want to paint the walls, what kinds of art I want to hang, where to place all these objects, and so on and so on and so on.  I have come to the conclusion that I want to decorate my house in a way that is very much coordinated.  I want there to be a basic theme that is seen throughout my house.  There can be some deviancy, but I want the things in my house to all convey something about my personality.  The problem that I'm now stuck on is what part of my personality do I want to convey?  What aspect about my life, what I've done, and what I want to accomplish do I want the people who enter my house to be struck with.

Justin Bieber's Mansion Was 'Strewn with Drugs,' Say Cops

Okay, now while I can't have drugs strewn throughout my house, due to the illegality of such an endeavor, I can fill my house with alcohol.  It can't be that hard, I mean I have the internet.  I can find things like giant neon beer signs, blankets with beer logos on it, wallclocks with subtle beer advertising on it, specially designed beer refrigerators, beer art, just all sorts of things that vividly convey that I very much like beer.  I can't think of a good reason why I shouldn't do this.

Okay, there's a better idea.

Red Review: NBA Rush

The concept of level grinding is something that I latched onto when I first started playing RPG.  I sincerely liked being about to spend hours doing the same tasks over and over in an open field for the sole purpose of leveling up a secondary character or gaining an ability that I may end up never using.  There were times when, instead of looking for a job, I spend all day leveling up characters in whatever Final Fantasy game I was playing at the time.  In recent years I have recognized that level grinding is not just found in role playing games.

Like many of the previous games, MLB 2K13 has a section in the game called My Player.  In the My Player mode, you create your own baseball player and use the player to play out a major league baseball career.  While you can play as your character in the MLB postseason and even play in the World Series, most of the game takes place in the regular season.  In the regular season you do the same tasks over and over, usually out in an open field, for the sole purpose of gaining experience points.  Most of the My Player mode in MLB 2K13 amounts to level grinding, doing the same tasks over and over in an open field for the purpose of leveling up your character and gaining better abilities.  MLB 2K13 is not the only sports title that utilizes a level grinding system.

NBA Rush is a recently released free game on iOS developed by RenRen Games USA.  In the game you take on the role of a basketball player as you avoid obstacles, collect coins, and defeat the alien menace.  No, really, the point of the game is to collect coins and defeat aliens.  If this sounds vaguely like the plot of Space Jam to you, you're not alone.  The basketball player you can play as depends on which of the many players included in the game you have unlocked.  For this reason, Joakim Noah should feel insulted by NBA Rush.

Joakim Noah is currently an NBA basketball player.  He rose to prominence thanks to his play in the NCAA Tournament, playing for the Florida Gators.  He has since gone on to have a fair to middling career playing for the Chicago Bulls.  While some would say that his career has been disappointing to this point, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would say that Joakim Noah is one of the worst players in the NBA.  No one, that is, except for RenRen Games USA.

When you start NBA Rush, you are given three players to play as.  These players are replaced as you gather coins and unlock players, assumably players of better skill.  Joakim Noah is among the first three players you receive in the game, along with Kawhi Leonard and Jose Calderon.  If you can play NBA Rush  fairly well, it's fair to say that you won't be playing as any of these players for very long.

Other than the possibility of feeling insulted by the rating of the players you play as, or the general ratings of the players on your favorite team, there's nothing really wrong with NBA Rush.  The game's not too terribly deep, but I get the impression that's not what the game is supposed to be.  NBA Rush is the kind of game that you can play on the go, or while waiting for something else to happen, that you can quickly get some enjoyment out of and then leave without much consequence.

NBA Rush: B-

Wow, A World Leader Said That?

Vladimir Putin: gay people at Winter Olympics must 'leave children alone'

"“One can feel calm and at ease,” he said. “Just leave kids alone, please.”"

Wow, a world leader said that?  One of the most influential leaders in the world, named Man Of The Year by Time Magazine in 2007, said that?  Wow.  I usually only associate unapologetically homophobic comments with the people who claim to represent me in the Utah State Legislature.  Wow.  So, guess I won't be watching the Olympics this year.

Okay, Now Dentists Scare Me

After my recent wisdom tooth surgery, I decided to get serious about my health.  And by that I mean actually go do the doctor.  I hadn't been to a doctor since I was in High School, this is despite me thinking it was necessary to go to the optometrist on a yearly basis for the past couple of years.

So I went to see my the nearest doctor that was covered by my insurance, and it went way better than I expected.  I was expecting to be there for most of the day, to have to answer as to why I hadn't seen the doctor for over a decade, for my visit to cost me a lot of money, and do other things that would make me feel uncomfortable.  None of this happened.  The whole process of seeing the doctor was remarkably easy and stress free.

My experience with a regular doctor made me much more confident about how my experience would go with other doctors.  I made an appointment to see my eye doctor.  Much like the last couple of years, my appointment went smoothly.  I do have to get new glasses, which will cost me money but nothing unreasonable.  After that I made an appointment to see a dentist.  My appointment is not for another week or so, but, given my experience with my regular doctor and my eye doctor, I am fully confident that my experience with my new dentist will go well.

Surgeon Simulator goes to the dentist in upcoming iPad release

Okay, now I'm concerned.

What A Perfect Morning

Ah, morning.  What a perfect time to reflect on the world and enjoy the beauty that is in it.  Since I work evenings and have nothing pressing to do in the morning, I can spend every morning reveling in the newness of the day.  For example, this morning I woke up, turned on SportsCenter, got myself a cup of coffee, and caught up on the news.

Comcast SportsNet Airs Our Version Of Cubs Mascot With Cock And Balls

Every morning I am met with many examples of just how good the world is simply by looking through my favorite RSS reader.

My life is filled with positivity as it rains over my world every morning as I reenact this ritual.

Not only is my view of the world uplifted, but also my view of the people that are in it.

I credit my overall positive outlook on the world to being able to discover more and more things about my world each and every morning, and I thank the internet for giving me the tools that allow me to do so.  I look forward to learning more about the world as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the people in it.  Who knows, I may use such a positive mindset in my writing.  Perhaps I already have.

FBI Seeking Serial Bridge Burner

The FBI is currently hot on the trail of a serial arsonist.  They are zeroing in on a suspect and are seeking the public's help.  The suspect the FBI is seeking stands accused of committing arson on or around several bridges.  These incidents span over a decade and have occurred across the United States.

On December 20th, 2000 a fire broke out in the area underneath the Arboretum Sewer Trestle in Seattle, Washington.  Police say that gasoline was spread around some of the vegetation in the area, which was lit with a Zippo lighter.  The FBI aren't giving details, but this fire is the first one they are attributing to their suspect.

On the evening of February 17th, 2004, a fire broke out on the Rector Road Bridge in Denton, Texas.  An accelerant, believed to be kerosene, was spread along the length of the bridge, which was lit with a Zippo lighter.  Unlike in the case of the Arboretum Sewer Trestle fire, this fire was spread on the bridge itself and resulted in considerable property damage.  Firefighters in the area say that the fire could have spread further into town if not for their swift response.  Again, the FBI are not giving details as to how they connected this fire to their suspect.

The most recent incident, and the one that brought renewed attention to this case, occurred on January 13th, 2014.  On that day, a large fire broke out on the walkway of the Pelham Bridge in the Bronx, New York.  Forensic analysis is still pending, but initial reports suggest that a large amount of documents were doused with some form of accelerant and set ablaze.  It is believed that the documents involved in this incident are what ties this case to the incidents in Seattle and Denton, although the FBI can neither confirm nor deny this.  Video surveillance in the area of the bridge is what has allowed police to identify a suspect.

Police in New York, as well as the FBI, are currently looking for this yet to be identified suspect, pictured above.  This man is believed to be in his late thirties with black hair and an athletic build.  Police do not have a name for him, but anyone who thinks that they have information on this case, as well as the fires on the Arboretum Sewer Trestle in Seattle, Washington and the Rector Road Bridge in Denton, Texas is strongly urged to contact their local police.

Alex Rodriguez Must Go

2007: A-Rod denies doping on 60 Minutes

This has gone on for long enough.  I know I am not alone in saying that the steroid allegations involving Alex Rodriguez has become a blight on the game of baseball.  This is different than allegations that have tainted the careers of other high profile athletes.  Alex Rodriguez is fighting these allegations to the very end when a lot of sports fans jut want it to end.  I don't want to see Alex Rodriguez attempt a comeback from his suspension.  I don't want to see Alex Rodriguez serve his suspension.  I want Alex Rodriguez to retire today.  I just want Alex Rodriguez to go.  Go away and never come back.

I Just Want To Be Happy, NOW!

On Wednesday, the office of Utah Governor Gary Herbert made the decision to not recognize same sex marriages conducted between Judge Shelby's decision on December 20th and the stay on the decision issued by the Supreme Court on January 6th.  This decision by the governor's office sent me into a rage, during which I did this.

Clearly me being mad like this isn't healthy, not just because massive explosions tend to destroy carbon-based physical objects, but also because staying in such a state causes my cholesterol to spike.  Clearly I need something to make me happy.  Perhaps something from a place of magic and whimsy can give me the happiness I crave.  Perhaps I am in need of something from Japan.

TEPCO says no abnormality at Fukushima

No, I said happy, not even more skeptical about public officials and the statement that they give.  I need something happy!  HAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good enough.

Just Looking

I haven't been doing anything this morning.  I've just been staring at this.  Archer is so awesome!

Who Is McAfee Rides Again

Starting in November 2012, John McAfee was embroiled in a controversy that combined drugs, murder, corruption, and blogging.  Yes, blogging.  John McAfee used his website Who Is McAfee to tell his own story in his own way under his own terms.  Personally, I found the story of the controversy John McAfee to be very compelling and I have followed John's blog ever since.  Well, now it appears that John McAfee's story may be picking up once again.

Arrrrrrrrrr Mateys, there be Trouble on the High Seas…..

By the way, the picture of John directly above is an actual picture that he actually posted on his actual website.  Really.

Chinese Satire Again?

Remember that story about Kim Jong-un's Uncle being executed by being fed to dogs?  Yeah, that was fake.  More details of the fake story can be found here, but I remember saying that the story was unbelievable due to the sourcing of it.  Well, there was another story that came out today with Chinese sourcing that I am also disputing.

This morning stories started circulating about China lifting the ban on foreign made video game consoles.  Reuters has a bare bones report on this story, while BBC News has a more extensive write up.  Both stories refer to statement being put out by the China's State Council, which is the governmental organization that oversees the actions of the other governmental organizations in the Chinese government.  The problem is that in looking over the website of China's State Council, I can find no reference to video games or video game consoles.  Perhaps this is a language barrier issue, but searches on the website for "console" bring up more stories having to consultations with foreign dignitaries and dealing with natural disasters than anything having to do with business.

Therefore, much like the story of Kim Jong-un's Uncle being fed to dogs, I'll wait untill more information comes out about this story before I believe it.  For all I know, this could be another satire that the worldwide press is eagerly running with much to the delight of some internet prankster.

The Redertainment Diet!

Like many Americans, the employees of The Redertainment Corporation Of America struggle to maintain a healthy weight.  Our employees have tried many different solutions to this problem, all of them unsuccessful.  In recent month, however, we at The Redertainment Corporation Of America have finally found a solution.  This is a solution that is a godsend to many of our employees, particularly the fat ones.  Now we wish to share this solution with you.  The Redertainment Corporation Of America is proud to present The Redertainment Diet.

Many diets out there have restrictions on what you can and cannot eat.  It is this part of dieting that most people have a problem with.  With The Redertainment Diet you don't have to struggle with this.  With The Redertainment Diet, all your dietary choices are made for you in a way that surprisingly simple.  With The Redertainment Diet you eat nothing.  That's right, NOTHING.

Now, you may be asking "How can I explain why I am eating nothing?"  It's simple: Take up a political cause that is either impossible or has no chance of succeeding.  It's that simple.  When people ask you why you aren't eating, simply say "I am going on a hunger strike untill ______."  After giving that answer to people, no one will ever ask you again why you aren't eating.

Now, you may be asking "Does this really work?"  Yes, The Redertainment Diet does work.  Just ask these satisfied people.

"I'm Trestin Meacham, and I've lost twenty-five pounds while hunger striking for the nullification of gay marriage in Utah."

"I'm Eric Small, and I've lost fifteen pounds while hunger striking for the nationwide legalization of marijuana."

"I'm Mari Monzo, and I've lost thirty pounds while hunger striking for the Washington Redskins to change their name."

"I'm Jamie Kane, and I've lost fifty pounds hunger striking for President Obama to come out as a secretly gay married Kenyan socialist."

Don't you want to experience stunning results like this in your life?  The Redertainment Diet.  Try it today!