Instead of working on a blog post this week,
I spent the week listening to the music of Jack White.
Jack White's first solo album, Blunderbuss, came out and I listened to it.
While listening to that album I feel as if I left my body and entered a blissful realm that is only talked about in literature.
After listening to Blunderbuss,
I went to my White Stripes playlist and listened to all of the Jack White music I've collected over the years.
I listened to all my White Stripes albums,
all my The Raconteurs albums,
all my Dead Weather albums,
even that song they did for that one Twilight movie soundtrack.
That is how I spent my week.  Also, I did some work on Project Journal.
More info about Project Journal will come later, but now, Jack White.

(Title That May Only Be Funny To The Writer)

(Insert Title Here)
On Tuesday, Congressional hearing were held looking into a scandal involving the General Services Administration.  This hearing involved several senators making statements about the controversy, as well as the head of the GSA, Jeff Neely, pleading the fifth when asked any question by anybody during the hearing.  Among the statement given during this hearing was one given by Representative Mike Kelly.
In the hearing, Mike Kelly, Representative representing Pennsylvania's 3rd district, gave a statement that was seen by many as peculiar.  After some investigating, it appears that this statement was written by Representative Kelly's office.  However, Representative Kelly's staffers appears to have failed to fill in the blanks in the statement they wrote, and gave Kelly an incomplete speech.  The following is the statement Representative Kelly gave on Tuesday:
When I first started hearing about this story on (Date), I was (Emotion).  I find it very peculiar that such an oversight like this could happen in the (Organization).  The conduct displayed by the (Negative Buzzword) bureaucrats in the (Organization) is (Emotion Conveying Disgust).

In all of my (Year Amount) here in (Congress/Washington/Capital Hill), this is the most outrageous thing I have ever seen.  I am (Emotion Accompanied With A Light Slamming Of The Hand).  I am (Stronger Emotion Said Sternly Accompanied By A Slightly Harder Slamming Of The Hand).  I am (Strongest Emotion Said Loudly Accompanied By A Hard Slamming Of The Hand).  This is something that should not be tolerated.

(Raising Of My Hands Accompanied By A Bombastic Comment That People Will Only Take Seriously Because I'm A Politician Who People Think Knows Things)

The conduct displayed by (Organization) is so typical of the behavior that has infiltrated the (Black Guy I Blame For Everything) Administration.  We see stories like this everyday in (Prominent Newspaper), the (Tabloid Newspaper), as well as on Fox News.  The people can not be ignorant to the behavior that is tolerated by the (Black Guy I Blame For Everything) Administration.  (Black Guy I Blame For Everything) needs to clean house, and put in (String Of Adjectives That Implicitly Conveys That I Want Conservatives And Only Conservatives To Be Put In Charge).  If such an effort is not made by (Black Guy I Blame For Everything, This Time Using His Full Name While Emphasizing His Middle Name), we may be forced to (Statement That Implies That I Want To Impeach The President Without Using The Word Impeach).  Thank you, and God Bless America.
When asked later about his speech, Representative Kelly said, "I just went out there and spoke for the people of this country, people who are outraged by the actions of the Black Guy I Blame For Everything Administration."  When asked if he thought his statement was in any way peculiar, Rep. Kelly called me an Insert Liberal Insult Here, then walked away.
When asked about his colleague's comments, Representative Peter King punched me in the face and called me a Muslim.

I Have No Good Reason To Repost This, I Just Find It Amusing

Drifting With Boys And Bikini Clad Motorcyclists

Red Review- Drift by Rachel Maddow

There are things that have occurred during the course of my life that I have little to no knowledge about.  For example.
This, apparently, is Grenada.  The United States invaded Grenada in 1983.  I know very little about this invasion, or about Grenada in general.  The most I know about Grenada is the reference made to it in Die Hard 2.
This, apparently, is Nicaragua.  In 1986 a controversy erupted about the funding of rebels in Nicaragua, referred to as Contras, with money earned from weapon sales to Iran.  The previous sentence represents all of my knowledge of the Iran-Contra scandal.  All other knowledge of Contras in my mind can be summed up by the following: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start.
This, apparently, is Serbia.  In the late eighties and early nineties, a series of conflicts broke out that the United States got involved in.  The small knowledge I have about this conflict was delivered to me by the classroom news service Channel 1.  The thing that sticks out most in my mind about Channel 1 is Lisa Ling.
These three incidents exists as a hold in my knowledge of things that occurred during my life.  You could argue that this lack of knowledge is because of bias in the media, ignorance on my part, the effect defunding of public schools has on the teaching of history, or many other factors.  The fact is that I didn't know a lot about these situations.  That is untill I read Drift by Rachel Maddow.
Rachel Maddow's aim with Drift was to show how the American mindset about the military has changed throughout history, particularly the 20th century.  To this end, she details several military and congressional conflicts and points out the impacts these conflicts had on the way America handles it's military.  Grenada is an example of how congressional oversight has changed.  Iran-Contra is the beginning of the privatization of the military's functions.  The Balkans shows how further privatization has caused the actions of the military to have a lesser and lesser effect on the civilian populace.
The United States military has undergone a monumental change in the 20th Century.  This is a change that is not made in a way that is giant and blatant.  Rather this change was made incrementally in a way that is almost unnoticed.  Drift shows how that change was made, every large and small step on the way.
Drift by Rachel Maddow: Recommended

Red Review-  Friends With Boys by Faith Erin Hicks

There's a dilemma that I have as a writer.  It's something that every writer encounters, something some deal with better than others.  There is a difference between the way that things happen in real life and the way that people like to be entertained.  The conflict comes when you want to make something realistic but also entertaining.  Friends With Boys encounters this dilemma.

There are things that are brought up in the course of Friends With Boys that are never really resolved.  These are things that people deal with in their lives, things they deal with in more time than takes place in this graphic novel.  However, these are things that scream out for a resolution.  These are things that if the person dealing with them do not resolve, the lack of a resolution nags at the person in ways that affect them in other ways.

Friends With Boys brings up a number of conflicts, deals with several of them, but leaves several more unresolved.  These are things that would nag at a person, but also nags at me as a reader.  I want to see resolution of these things, I can imagine how I would deal with these things, both as a person and as a writer.  Friends With Boys feels like the first part of a long term piece.  It is my honest hope that this is not the end of the tale of Maggie McKay.
Friends With Boys by Faith Erin Hicks:  Recommended

This Is Offensive, On Purpose!

Arizona Again?

Arizona won't jail Internet trolls ... for now

For the three hundred-twenty seventh time this year, this week Twitter was set ablaze by a law proposed in the Arizona State Legislature.  The Arizona State Legislature, in it's infinite psychotic wisdom, sought to craft a law that was supposed to curb cyber bullying.  Instead, this legislative body crafted a law that is so vague and obtuse that even people who do not know what vague and obtuse means would have been negatively affected by it.

According to this law, later retracted under Internet pressure, anyone who sends out a message that is deemed to be annoying, offensive, or defaming to any person or group can be subject to criminal prosecution.  Most of the criticism of this proposed law has been about its definition of "annoying offensive, or defaming", and to who's standard that will be based on.  There is another line of criticism that can be made of this law.
This proposed legislation will apply only to persons who live or send out their messages from places in Arizona.  If you live, work, or Tweet outside of Arizona, this law will not apply to you.  However, if your website is hosted by a company that is based in Arizona, it could be argued that your website is being sent out of Arizona, therefore the message is coming from Arizona, and therefore you would be subject to this law.

The website for R.C.O.A.:The Four Stars Blog is hosted by  The server that the website is hosted on is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Therefore, it could be argued that the messages sent out through R.C.O.A.:The Four Stars Blog is being sent out from Arizona.  Therefore, I would be subject to this law.  Rather than feel I should run and hide from this proposed law, or censor myself in the face of this proposed law, or be intimidated in any way by this proposed law, I want to taunt this law and the people that would enforce it.  I want to say to the state of Arizona "Come and get me!  I will not run!  I will not hide!  Your authority is meaningless to me!  I dare you to try and affect me!"
To that end, I wrote the following piece.  This piece is designed to offend and disgust the kind of conservative politicians that seem to have the most political sway in Arizona.  Enjoy!

Behold! The Thing That Is Designed To Offend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are people who use games to live out experiences that they would never experience in their lives.  Usually I am not one of those people, however there is one way that I use games to act out experiences that I may never have.  I use games to fuck aliens.
There may never be a point where I will be in a position where I can have an alien in a position where I can fuck her/him/it.  Being in such a position where I put such a entity in such a position is something that I have desired in my very nonexistent soul since I have been conscious.  I've come to accept that this may never happen, but I have not accepted that such an experience cannot be experienced in some form.  The form that I have chosen to experience the experience of putting another alien entity in a position where I can fuck her/him/it is video games.
The concept of fucking aliens is not new to the world, or even the world of the depiction of space travel in cinema form.  In the documentary film series Star Trek, the captain of the Starship Enterprise, Denny Crane, spends a great deal of time pining over alluring alien creatures.  Captain Crane also spends a lot of time fucking those same alien creatures.  Denny also spent time fucking black women, but that is not nearly as exciting to me.
Video games may be the only way that I can experience sexual conquest of an alien creature, be it conquest of a female alien, male alien, or a cloud of alien spores with hole used exclusively for the disposal of solid or liquid waste.  Getting this experience through video games may not be as satisfying as it can be, due to having to rely on another person's creating of the experience, but it's better than the alternative.  That alternative being paining my dog blue.

Monumental Bugs

Monumental Fail

Earlier on this week, I wrote a criticism of  Monumental: In Search of America's National Treasure.  I based this criticism on something I heard during the trailer of this film, which I saw just before watching The Hunger Games.  That criticism would be posted here, however I cannot find the trailer that I saw.  I looked high and low for it but simply can not find it.  Sigh.

Fallout: New Vegas: Final Impressions 
I started playing Fallout: New Vegas recently.  The ultimate edition had come out and I wanted to play it again after having stopped playing it just after the initial release.  The reason I stopped playing Fallout: New Vegas the first time was because of several bugs that prevented me from finishing several of the missions I needed to finish in order to level up to the point where I could tackle the endgame.
This time when playing Fallout: New Vegas I did not encounter mission bug, but I did encounter other frequent bugs.  Sometimes, when the game would try to load something, the game would stutter, stall, freeze, or crash altogether.  I would be playing for hours but, near the end of my play session, encounter a freezing bug that would leave me with a negative impression of my play session.
In the end I stopped playing the game after becoming frustrated with these bugs.  I now understand the frustration that people have with bugs in their games.  Things like this should not happen in games, much less console games where the game is presumably optimized to play on that platform.  Much like the first time I tried to play this game, I stopped playing Fallout: New Vegas because of bugs that prevented me from going further in the game, which will paint my viewpoint of this franchise and the developer of this game.