Kickstarting Central Air Number 37

I <3 Central Air
On Sunday I was over at my parent's house.  This is the Sunday dinner tradition that my mother started trying to do.  A wrench was thrown into this tradition when the work schedule where my Dad works started getting changed around.  After some dinner and light conversation, I start to leave.  Before I left, I notice something.
There was water flowing out of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom I was going to use.  My boyfriend-in-law had been working on the swamp cooler, and the line going to the swamp cooler sprung a leak.  This leak was leaking on the ceiling above my parent's bedroom and into the bathroom on the other side of the wall.

My boyfriend-in-law was called back to stop the leak.  He stopped the water, then left to get something to patch the hole in the line, all the while ignoring the water continuing to drip from the ceiling in my parent's bedroom.  Slowly the sheetrock started to sag and separate.

My Mom called my aunt and uncle.  My uncle is significantly more useful than my boyfriend-in-law.  As my uncle was inspecting the sheetrock above my parent's bedroom...
One panel sheetrock gave way, as did the insulation that was lying on top of it.
Eventually me and my uncle, not me and my boyfriend-in-law, got the dripping to stop and did clean up most of the insulation that fell.  I am still concerned that another sheetrock panel will give and I will have to clean up more insulation.  All this makes me thankful for something.
I have central air.  At the vast Hunter Red palatial estate and sexatorium, there is central air.  This means that there is not a swamp cooler sitting on the room of my place waiting to leak water, do damage, and cause things to fall down on top of my head.

AGR Kickstarter
A couple of weeks ago, I mocked Kickstarter.  Now, I am proud to say that I actually support somebody's campaign on Kickstarter.
All Games Radio needs capital to become the juggernaut of internet radio broadcasting that I know it can be.  It can get this capital from donations from people like you.  You don't have to give much.  How about $10?  Come on, I know you have $10.
Please, give to the All Games Radio Kickstarter.  If you don't, I will kill this puppy.

A strange incident happened on Wednesday.  During a Los Angeles Angels game in Oakland on Wednesday, relief pitcher Scott Downs was assaulted in the bullpen by a fan who rushed him from the stands.
The man is identified as twenty-eight year old Bill Brennan.  When questioned by police, Mr. Brennan was only found to be saying, "Thirty-seven.  Thirty-seven.  That number haunts me.  It haunts me like a curse!  Thirty-seven.  Thirty-seven!  I must eliminate thirty-seven!  Thirty-seven.  Thirty-seven."
When a search of Bill Brennan's apartment was executed, among the items found were a TV, a computer, a refrigerator full of beer, a small collection of porn, and a copy of Diablo III.

It Begins
There is a story.  A story of pain, a story of loss, a story of unspeakable horrors, a story that has not been given it's proper attention.  Some are ignoring this story.  Some are unaware of this story.  Some know of this story but are complicit in it's darkness.  This is a story that must be told.  Told so that the good can stop it and the bad can feel shame for it.  This is Volume 11

The new book by Hunter Red, Volume 11.  Available now on Kindle, Nook, and in a physical form.  Donate to the All Games Radio Kickstarter, then see if you have some money for Volume 11.  If you don't, I will kill this puppy.

An Argument About Marriage

An Argument About Marriage
 Recently the topic of gay marriage has been flared up again.  This came after Vice President Biden gave his own personal views on the subject, which then served as motivation for President Obama to give his own personal views on the subject, which then caused everyone to freak out.  This topic coming up again has served as an inspiration for many bloggers, opinionists, pundits, politicians, and many other kids of non-influential people to give their opinion on the subject.  I am among them.

In listening and reading to the various arguments for or against gay marriage, I did not hear one that fell in line with my views.  These are views that I have not just about gay marriage, but also about marriage in general.  That argument is what follows.
As it currently stands in America, marriage is a part of religion.  Many will give a long historical account of how it isn't, however that seeks to reeducate people about a concept that they have been aware of for their entire lives.  As long as I, my parents, and my grandparents have been alive, marriage has been a religious institution.  The tradition is that if you get married you get married in a place and in a way that has a religious connection to it.  If you do not follow this tradition, you are generally looked down upon socially, even if that is not openly expressed.  The fact is this: As we currently perceive marriage, marriage and religion are one.
When the controversy about the Obamacare Birth Control Mandate came up, the interaction between religion and government was brought up.  Part of the argument against the mandate was made by Tim Dolan.  Tim Dolan currently serves as the President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  On an appearance on CBS This Morning, Bishop Dolan said the following:

DOLAN: ...[W]e just have to stick with principle here, and we're just- what we're very reluctant to do- and what I think wise voices are saying- is we can't have a government bureaucracy invading the privacy and the independence and autonomy and the integrity that our Constitution gives to religion.

While many disagree with the viewpoint Bishop Dolan has on birth control, the point that he makes about the interaction between government and religion is sound.  Why should the government be invading the religious beliefs of any person?  Why should the government be allowed to interpret what another person's religious beliefs are?
Imagine that you are in a house.  You can move anywhere and in any way that you want, but you cannot move in a way that takes you out of that house.  The very fact that there is a house, with walls a roof and presumably a front door, restricts your freedom to move.  You may never move in a way that causes you to bump up against those restrictions, or want to move in a way that causes you to bump up against those restrictions, but the very fact that those restrictions are there restricts your freedom to move.
This can be applied to marriage.  The government has rules about marriage.  You can move in any way you wish to move within those rules of marriage.  Sure, those rules may be something that you are comfortable with.  Sure, those rules may be something that you may never challenge.  Sure, those rules may fall within your religious beliefs, but those rules exist.  Those rules exist and act upon an institution that is fundamental to your religion.  Those rules pertaining to marriage restrict your religious liberty.  Even if you never challenge those rules, those rules prevent you from expressing your religion in the way that you feel is right.  Those rules mandate that you express your religion in a way that the government interprets as correct.
Why should the government be in a position where it has a viewpoint on religion?  If marriage is suck an important part of a person's religious life, why should the government be allowed to place rules upon how that part of a person's life is lived?  If we truly believe in religious liberty, shouldn't the government have no opinion on the institution of marriage?
  My basic argument is this: As long as you are a free thinking adult, the government should have no opinion on who you marry.  The only interaction that any government in America should have with marriage is to record the details of that marriage into the public record.  That's it.  This is not an argument for gay marriage.  This is an argument against the government having a viewpoint on marriage.  Unless the people involved are unable to make decisions for themselves, the government should not care is anybody wants to get married to anybody.


Whenever you hear somebody talk about how much is lost due to piracy, remember this video, and remember, SKEPTICISM IS GOOD!

My Politicians Are Stupid
This is Lonnie Johnson.  He is a sex offender.  He was charged in 2007 with 21 sexual assault charges.  Authorities allege he had inappropriate contact with his stepdaughter and her cousin over five years beginning in 2001.  Lonnie Johnson is also mentally incompetent.  4th District Judge James R. Taylor ordered convicted sex offender Lonnie Johnson freed from a state hospital after he was found incompetent to stand trial on new charges, but not a danger to society.

The story of Lonnie Johnson sparked such protests in the community of Provo and the entire state of Utah, that this year the Utah State Legislature passed a law called "Lonnie's Law".  This law was tailor made to put Lonnie Johnson in the state hospital.  Except for one thing...

Apparently the Utah State Legislature did not craft "Lonnie's Law" in such a way that it would actually apply to Lonnie.  The people who fill the Utah State Legislature are stupid.


How About A Dale's Dead Bug DLC?
On Tuesday it was announced that the mammoth Bethesda RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim would be receiving DLC.  That's right, the game with an estimated 382904 hours of gameplay in it would be getting more gameplay.
In a statement, Bethesda spokesman Bill Lumbergh said, "Recently, we found out that people have stopped playing our game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  The reason they stopped playing our game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim, is because they ran out of quests to play in the game.  We find this to be a problem, so we created a whole new 23985 hours of gameplay for our customers to enjoy.  And we won't stop there.  We want our customers to never stop playing out game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Hell, is we could come up with a way for our customers to make a living off our game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, we would.  Wait.  I have it!".

This is when the interview ended and Mr. Lumbergh ran out of the room.  Shortly after the interview terminated, another batch of DLC was announced for The Elder Scrolls : Skyrim.  This DLC will be called "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Cubicle Expansion Pack".