Found Questioning #7

The premise.  This question comes courtesey of Talking Points Memo.

So Is He or Isn't He?

Why is this an issue?  No, really, I want someone to explain to me why this is an issue.  Really.  I don't see the problem.

I Was Watching Freak Show

Grammy Awards 2015: The Complete Winners List

It's remarkable just how much I don't care about the Grammys.

The Annual Facepalm

Yep, it's that time of year when the people who claim to represent me get together and say things that are wholly embarrassing to me.

Utah lawmaker questions whether sex with an unconscious person is rape ‘in every instance’

Yes, this is a discussion.  This is a discussion being had among people who consider themselves decent members of society.  Are you fucking shitting me?


This is how I am finally going to be rid of it.  This is how my participation in the situation ends.  This is how I regain control of that which is mine.  This is how it happens.  This.  THIS.  Project Buy A House: Moving In Slow Motion: 78.5% Complete
That which is mine will truly be mine.