China Just Arrested 15 People in a Bust on an Adult

Breastfeeding Ring

Yep, I did not need to know that this is a thing.  No I did not.  No.

Dear Google

Dear Google,

I want Google Fiber.  Why?


No reason.

The Difference Between News Sources

It's interesting the way that I react to the same news story being told by different news sources.

3D-printed paws allow lame dog to run!

When I read this story I thought that it was intensely interesting and am more interested in seeing technology like this utilized in other ways.

Roller 'Derby' a brand new pooch with his 3-D legs

This is a story that I fast forwarded through when it ran on my local news, which I do with all of the stories that are presented by Jeanne Moos.  Interesting.

Falling Special Interests

Bagley Cartoon: The Utah Public Lands Lottery

Falling oil price raises questions on viability of shale

Hopefully the Utah State Legislature will see the falling gas prices, know about the economic viability of oil shale, and not do what the special interests want them to do and not sell Utah public lands for development.  Hopefully.  

Who am I kidding?  The Utah State Legislature is driven by special interests.  Why else would moving the prison be on the table despite boisterious public opposition to the details of the move, as well as questions as to the genesis of the desire for a move.  Sigh.


I don't want to be thanked for doing the bare minimum things that I'm obligated to do.  The fact that people feel the need to do so is a problem.

Dear Drew Magary

Dear Drew Magary

What's The Worst State In The Union To Get Drunk In?

You make a list of the worst states to get drunk in and don't mention Utah? The complaints you make against Pennsylvania are especially true about Utah. Hell, the only reason I go to Wyoming is to get good beer and fireworks. Look up something called the "Zion Curtain". I bet you don't have anything close to that in Pennsylvania, or anyplace else where alcohol laws are driven by logic instead of legislators thinking it's their role to act as the populace's fathers.

Xmas Wishes

You know what I want for Xmas?

Freedom from this DAMNFUCKINGBULLSHIT!  Project Buy A House, that's my ticket.

Toe Checking

Pearls Before Swine- December 4th, 2014

This is why I've been checking my toes lately.

Perceived Free Time

I wonder if the people who operate under the assumption that during my perceived free time that I am always ready, willing, and available to do things for them that when I accomplish Project Buy A House that situation is going to end.  I don't think they know that, and when they come realize that it's gonna suck for them.  Not me because I'll finally be rid of that shit, but it's gonna suck for them.  Too bad.

Expanded Limited Options

DirecTV contract punishes HBO if streaming-only gets too popular, sources say

Here's hoping that HBO's streaming service is a big success.  Maybe it'll lead to HBO not costing so damn much, and I can finally afford it on a regular basis.  Maybe not.  Maybe I'll have to go back to paying for everything.  I might not have any other options.


And so happens another annexation of my morning.  Another instance where my perceived free time is taken away because somebody else can't be bothered to do the things that are their responsibility to do, not mine.  This is what I'm working for.  This is what I'm sacrificing for.  This is what I'm pursuing Project Buy A House for, so that I might finally be rid of this shit.  $4,975.47  That's how close I am.  Four thousand nine hundred seventy-five dollars and forty-seven cents.  I am that far away from my Sanctuary.

Found Questioning #6

The premise.  This Found Questioning comes courtesy of Vice Magazine.

Should Women Get Days off Work During Their Period?

Um-  Er-  Ah-  Yeah, um-  Yeah.  As a man, who is definitely a guy, I feel illequipted to answer this question.  I do, however, feel perfectly fine clicking on the link in that story that takes me to a story about a Mormom themed porn site.  Yeah, I definitely feel good discussing that.  Definitely.

Rock Solid Facts

Newspapers.  Sometimes newspapers feel the need to do reports of things that are clear and evident facts.  Facts that cannot be disputed by a reasonable person.  Facts that are as rock solid as facts can get.

Jazz notes: Utah running out of December home games

Time is moving forward at a pace that is not changing and is known by all.  The Jazz are running out of time in December.  No shit.  Aren't we all?


No time, I bought a new toy yesterday and I need to set it up.  Wait, that's not right.  I bought two new toys yesterday and I need to set them both up.

This Could Be Trouble

Yesterday the UFC announced a partnership with Reebok.  This partnership allows Reebok to be an official for the UFC and puts to an end fighters being walking billboards for any other sponsor than Reebok.  This reminds me of the recent move by the NFL to ban players from wearing Beats By Dre headphones during interviews due to the NFL's partnership with Bose.  This move by the NFL has been criticized by players and commentators alike, and this move may end up having a worse affect.

This is due to the fact that NFL players can't wear headphones while they are playing the game.  NFL players have a uniform that they have to wear that has to look a certain way specified by the team.  NFL players have been reprimanded and fined for writing messages on their shoes, and even wearing the wrong colour of shoes.  Fighters in the UFC don't have such uniform requirement.  The UFC requires that fighters wear shorts, no shirts unless you are a woman, and no shoes while fighting in the ring.  There are no specific regulations specifying a specific colour or style of uniform that fighters must wear in the UFC, outside of needing to wear shorts and a shirt approved by the commission if you are a woman.  This lack of specificity has allowed UFC fighters to make themselves walking billboards for any number of different companies and causes.  For example:

The current UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson is currently sponsored by Xbox.

The current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is sponsored by Xyience.

This is a picture of Former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva.  Behind him you can see a banner that is typically unfurled during fighter introductions.  On this particular banner you can see ads for many sponsors, including Burger King and Nike.

All of these sponsorship opportunities has the potential of being stripped away because of the new partnership between the UFC and Reebok, and, as a result, so does a potential moneymaking venture for all of the UFC fighters.  This is a problem since the average fighter makes, on average, $64,833.33 per fight.  Since fighters also have to pay trainers, traveling expenses, as well as for their own lodging, that amount can quickly get eaten away.  This partnership with Reebok has the potential of making being a UFC fighter more of a pure passion as opposed to a money making opportunity.

11 Questions With Hunter Red

I have, in the past, answered questions that I found in Maxim Magazine.  I did this in order to tweek gender norms, as well as to make a statement as to the insulting and sexist questions that are often posed to women in Maxim Magazine.  I did once try to find similarly demeaning questions in an issue of Playboy and found no success.  This time I'm not going to answer questions posed to a model by a magazine.  Rather, this time I am going to answer questions posed to a model by the Tumblr account for Victoria's Secret.

The following questions are taken from a post entitled "11 Questions With Behati Prinsloo".

Fill in the blank: I wouldn’t leave the house without __________.
My wallet, keys, cellphone, and iPod.
Who is your style icon?
One place you haven’t traveled to but are dying to go to?
New York to see The Daily Show with John Daly
What would you be doing if this were 1995?
Dreading having to spend another day in Junior High.
Best movie to watch when it’s cold outside?
Do I have to choose?  Can't I just get drunk and watch random things on Netflix?
Going out or staying in?
Staying in.  Outside is overrated.
What piece of technology could you absolutely not live without?
My car
Longest you’ve ever held a plank?
I have never planked.  Why would anyone do that?  What kind of stupid question is that?  What is this, three years ago?
Last TV Show you binge-watched?
Better Off Ted
Last book you read?
House of Holes by Nicholson Baker
Song that’s stuck in your head right now?

Red Thoughts: WWE 2K15

Can't disable the new stamina system and can't work inside the system without having to drastically slow down the pace of play.

Can't disable the chain wrestling mechanic, which just frustrates the hell out of me because I have little control over it and it eats away at precious stamina.

Can't figure out the timing in the reversal system.

Can't change the difficulty in My Career mode.

Can't create my own arenas, like I could in WWE 2K14.

Can't create my own championship belts, like I could in WWE 2K14.

Can't have female created wrestlers complete against the men, like I could in WWE 2K14.




WWE 2K15: A story of can'ts.