****- Unknown Soldier Chris Adler Eats Eminem

Dead Pixel Live: The Movie

In a world where the powers that be restrict the media from saying anything deemed to be revolutionary, the people are yearning for a voice. This is not a yearning that they openly express, for fear of being dragged off by the powers that be, but they feel it none the less. Three rebels dare to say to the powers that be that want to silence them "Bring it on!" This is the story of those three rebels and some of the people who would follow them to hell and back.

Michael Clarke Duncan is DerrickH

Lisa Loeb is Loserly

and Danny McBride is Alphabox.

With Philip Seymour Hoffman as Curtis, John Barrowman as Toaster, Jennifer Hudson as Pandalicious, and Seth Green as Redertainment.

Dead Pixel Live: The Movie: It's huge popular.

Red Recommends- Comics

Preacher is considered to be one of the most heralded comic book series of the 90's. I have heard for years people call this comic a groundbreaking, compelling, and awesome read. Not to long ago I picked up one of the bound volumes of Preacher, Gone To Texas.

Preacher intertwines social and religious themes into a narrative that is quite compelling, if you believe in organized religion. I don't. I kept on reading Gone To Texas waiting for the point where it would kick in and hook me. It did not. I walked away from Preacher with a similar viewpoint that I have about Radiohead: I hear people rave about it. I hear people say it's good. I just don't se it. I don't like it or dislike it, I just don't have a opinion on it.

This is much different from my viewpoint about Unknown Soldier, a new comic from Vertigo. Unknown Soldier is set in the wartorn region of Rwanda/Eastern Zaire/Uganda. A doctor, whose parents moves out of that area to give their son a better life, returns to the area to make his country and his people better. Over time the doctor's schizophrenia over takes him, sending him into a homicidal rage against the Lord's Resistance Army.

Unknown Soldier attempts to provide motives and backstory to the many various factions involved in one of the bloodiest conflicts currently going on, and it succeeds. The first issue of Unknown Soldier I read hooked me deep. To the point where Unknown Soldier became the first comic I've ever gotten a hold for at my local comic book shop. Unknown Soldier is not the usual campy, happy-go-lucky, sugar infused crap. Unknown Soldier is deep, thoughtful, compelling, and all together good.

Red Recommends Unknown Soldier

I Heart Marcus Wright

A couple of weeks ago on Dead Pixel Live a debate was going on over which would be better, Manbots or Fembots. I contributed to this debate by saying, "What we really need is fuckable robots." This caused people to reciol in fear. Apparently the concept of fuckable robots repulses people.

I can see the argument as to why it would, but I just disagree with it. The concept of fuckable robots is not new. Bladerunner had them, Ghost In The Shell had them, hell, even The Jetson's had them. Come on, you can't tell me that Rosie was not among the first RIFLs.

Yes, I know you just vomited in your mouth, as is the normal response to fuckable robots. This is why I find the romantic sub-plot in Terminator Salvation so intriguing. Maybe people find this to be acceptable because it's Moon Bloodgood whose lusting after a robot. Maybe it's because of who the robot is. Look at the thing.



Musical Break Time!

I saw these guys perform at the X96 Big Ass Show. Great stuff. I look forward to hearing more from these guys.

Trico Thoughts

This is the kind of game that me and my nieces can enjoy. I can enjoy playing the game and my nieces can enjoy playing with the stuffed animal that will be made to go along with this game.

Eminem- Relapse Review

For the past couple of weeks, there's been a mantra that I've been following: What Would Jesus Do? Whether I'm driving my car, playing video games, or walking into a strip club, lately I've been asking myself "What Would Jesus Do", then doing precisely that. This is what drove me to do what I did last Sunday. I got drunk and listened to Relapse, the new album from Eminem.

On Tuesday, when I went into work, I did what many people do to pass the time, I spoke to Jesus. We talked about the family reunion I went to, how work was going, and how I hate talking to my parents about buying a new car. Eventually we talked about the new Eminem album and I told Jesus just what I thought about it. I told him that the first couple of tracks sounded like MC Frontalot to me, but the deeper I got the more I liked it. I told Jesus that Relapse is not my favorite Eminem album, The Marshall Mathers LP is my favorite, but that Relapse is not far behind it. After I told this to Jesus I got the distinct impression that he agreed with me, and that made me happy.

After I got done with work I talked to Jesus some more. Jesus wanted to play COD4 with me the next morning. I agreed and spent the next morning fragging n00bs with my good friend Jesus, or as he is known online Mexitot900.

Eminem- Relapse: B+

By the way, does anyone know how to make an e with an accent over it?

****- 4,1,4,2,4,3,4

3D Realms Is No More

3D Realms, the studio behind Duke Nukem, has gone out of business. Sources inside 3D Realms has yet to confirm this, but we expect confirmation within the next few days.

Abstinence Only Sex-Ed Works*

After she was reveled to be the spokesperson for the Candie's Foundation, Bristol Palin was criticized for the message that she was espousing. Most of this criticism was centered around the fact that Miss Palin, a single mother brought up to believe in abstinence, was telling people that abstinence only sex-ed works. I'd like to put this controversy to rest right now. I believe that abstinence only sexual education works, in certain situations.

If you are a goofy looking, lower middle class, socially inept nerd, like the person pictured here:

abstinence only sexual education works.

However, if you are an attractive, outgoing, popular person with rich parents, like the person pictured here:

abstinence only sexual education does not work. This is because, unlike the person in the first example, people find this kind of person to be desirable. People actually want to have romantic relations with the kind of person in the second example, as opposed to being repulsed by the person in the first.

Most people who practice abstinence either have a lot of self will or do not follow that lifestyle willingly. Many of the people who practice abstinence have it thrust upon them by how frustratingly undesirable they are. These people also hate it when people who no nothing about having abstinence thrust upon them speak of the wonders of abstinence. It's like a white man talking about how horrible racism is.

The Redertainment Corporation of America encourages all people over the age of eighteen to experience the joys of sexual relations, NOW!

3D Realms Is Not Dead

A source inside 3D Realms has denied reports that the developer behind Duke Nukem has closed. A definitive statement to this effect is expected to come shortly.

A Brief Interlude

And now it's time for a brief musical break. Enjoy!

Props to Jaggz for that.

3D Realms Is Dead!

Despite recent reports to the contrary, an unconfirmed and anonymous source has stated that 3D Realms, the developer behind Duke Nukem and only Duke Nukem, has closed it's doors. A more extensive statement is expected to come soon.

NASA Transcript 5/17/09

On Sunday a stuck bolt nearly derailed repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope. It took brute strength from Mission Specialist Mike Massimino to release the bolt and move on in this critical project. Here now is the transcript of the exchange between Mision Control (ME) and Mr. Massimino (M) about this issue.

Massimino- Mission Control, this is Massimino, come in Mission Control.
Mission Control- This is Mission Control, Massimino.
M- Mission Control, I've encountered an issue regarding the repair of Hubble.
MC- Oh, is that what you're up there for?
M- Quit joking around, I'm being serious Mission Control.
MC- Massimino, Mission Control requesting details on the issue you've encountered.
M- There's a bolt.
MC- There are many bolts.
M- Confirmed, however this bolt is in a special state Mission Control.
MC- Mission Control requesting details of the bolt in question.
M- Mission Control, the damn bolt is stuck.
A Short Pause
MC- Massimino, repeat last transmission regarding the details of the bolt in question.
M- What, you didn't hear me the first time? The god damn bolt is stuck.
MC- Confirmed stuck bolt Massimino.
M- Mission Control, please advise on ways to rectify this problem.
MC- I don't think stick the bolt up your ass will help.
M- Massimino to Mission Control, will you kindly stop fucking around and advise me how to fix this god damn motherfucking problem!
MC- Mission Control to Massimino, did you try using a different tool?
M- You think I'd be calling you if I hadn't already tried that?
MC- Massimino, Mission Control advises the use of WD-40 to aid in this issue.
A Short Pause
MC- Missimino, can you confirm the receipt of your last transmission?
M- Mission Control, you dumb fucks didn't send us up with any WD-40, you idiots! Also, how is a compound that freezes in fucking space supposed to be of any help with this problem, you needle dicked assholes!
MC- Massimino, Mission Control acknowledges the impracticability of out last suggestion.
M- No fucking shit.
A Short Pause
M- Mission Control, what's your next bright idea, huh?
MC- Massimino, Mission Control advises that, given your reaction to out last idea, you probably won't like our current idea.
M- Well lay it on me numbsculls.
MC- Massimino, Mission Control advises that you give the bolt a good yank.
A Short Pause
MC- Massimino, can you confirm the receipt of our last transmission?
M- I've been yanking on this thing for half a fucking hour and-
MC- Hey, that's what your Mom said last night.
M- Mission Control, could you kindly pull your head out of your ass and provide me with a strategy that has half a fucking chance of fucking working!
MC- Mission Control to Massimino, be advised that if we had any better ideas-
M- You wouldn't have sent us up here on a dangerous mission with our only emergency option being a shuttle that's three days away.
MC- Mission Control to Massimino, get your narrow ass over there and yank on the damn bolt again.
M- Massimino to Mission Control, I'll try your dumbass idea.
Massimino again tries to release the stuck bolt. This time-
M- Massimino to Mission Control, I have an update on the status of the stuck bolt.
MC- Mission Control to Massimino, go forward with update.
M- I tried the strategy you advised to undertake.
MC- Mission Control to Massimino, and?
M- The bolt has now been released.
MC- See, our idea wasn't so bad, was it?
M- Massimino to Mission Control, go fuck yourselves.
MC- Mission Control to Massimino, confirmed fucking ourselves as we fuck your mother tonight.
M- Moving on to the next task.


Gamers Fall Into 3D Realms's Trap

Multiple reports have gone back and forth as to the fate of Duke Nukem developer 3D Realms. Insider sources, anonymous whistle blowers, industry pundits, and other persons have speculated reasons, motives, and the truth behind these reports. I believe this was exactly the point.

For a long time Duke Nukem and 3D Realms were essentially dead. We heard nothing from either of these cherished entities and both slipped into nostalgic memory. Then the most recent Duke Nukem Forever trailer was released. Criticism was abound about this game, the developers, and the franchise in general, but people were talking. Would it be a leap to say, rather than quell the criticism, 3D Realms set forth with a strategy to make talk about them now exponentially? I think not.

3D Realms: The studio that plays us all for suckers.

****- Random Generated Disappointing Apocalyptic Brunch

Mass Effect Review

I have a neighbor, Alberto, who's really into horse racing. He reads a mountain of racing literature, does meticulous research into all of the top breeders, and knows the bloodline of Secretariat by heart. For a long time it was his dream to go to Louisville, Kentucky and witness the Kentucky Derby.

This year Alberto was fortunate enough to get tickets, airfare, and lodging to his sacred event, and he choose to take me along with him. Alberto owed me a favor after I rigged it so he could get free porn. We had a good time down there, ate some good food, drank a couple of drinks, and got rejected by some women, good times aplenty.

Then the day of the Kentucky Derby came. We got some nachos and a Mint Julep, and took out seats. Alberto was in a state of utter bliss, a state I hoped to get to as I ordered another Mint Julep. Then the race started, and the race ended. Afterward, I had a question for Alberto, "Is that it?"
"What do you mean"
"Is that it? That's all we came to see?"
"Yes amigo, wasn't it great?"
"Not really."
"What do you mean not really?"
"I- I just don't see-"
"The point. I don't see a point to all of this."
"I knew you wouldn't get it."
"Yeah, I don't get it. I don't see the point in horse racing. That's why I'm asking you to explain it to me."

At that point Alberto shut down and stayed that way for the rest of the trip and for some time afterward. We are talking again, but our friendship has definitely been hurt.

A couple of days after I returned from Louisville, I started playing Mass Effect. I played it for a couple of hours every day, drilling further and further into it, eventually finishing the game. However, throughout the game I was asking myself, "Is this it? Is that all there is? Where is the point?"

Don't get me wrong, the game is beautiful, easily approachable, and was moderately enjoyable. It was just listless, unmotivated, and dull at points. I was going through missions with no real sense as to why I'm doing this and what this has to do with anything. I wish that for one minute during this game that I was enthralled in any way, but I simply was not.

Mass Effect: B-

Fallout: Las Vegas Proposal

In the year 2374 a terrorist attack occurs in Las Vegas. It is unclear who is responsible for the attack. What is clear is that this nuclear attack made the once thriving vacation destination an inhospitable wasteland.

The American federal government lacks the resources or the infrastructure to clean up this once thriving metropolis, but a nearby group does. This group sets out to clean up Las Vegas in more ways than one. By 2391 the fruits of this group work are starting to develop. Many buildings sill lie in ruins, but the city is clear of what this group sees as the two most pervasive threats that once existed in Las Vegas: radiation and sin. The former "Sin City" has been rebuilt and revitalized by the LDS Church.

The year is 2432. You emerge from a chamber in the long since forgotten University of Nevada, Las Vegas Cryogenics Facility. As you, an unbeliever, begin to integrate yourself into this post-apocalyptic American Vatican City, you will discover many things. Including your place in this xenophobic utopia, the motives of the leadership behind this New Las Vegas, and the truth behind the attacks in 2374 that made this possible.

Possible future DLC includes the following.
The Purified Capital- Set in a Salt Lake City untouched by the nuclear assaults that have ruined the rest of the United States, you seek to find and extricate the last of the unbelievers.
4/7/74- Experience the events of this tragic day as you seek to find shelter as the terrorist's bombs wreak havoc on Las Vegas.
Broke Steel- You try to get the word out in New Las Vegas of an underground gambling hall while not making yourself known to the leaders of New Las Vegas.

These are to be the only three DLC, unless these three sell extremely well. If that does happen, I propose to pull something out of my ass.

Dice Absorbed

Ever since the critically acclaimed Mirror's edge hit the market, people have been wondering what the next game from EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE) will be. To that end, I called the offices of DICE to speak to their public relations manager. When I called then I found that DICE no longer exists.

After hitting up my contacts and meeting with a guy in a parking lot late at night, I discovered why DICE no longer exists. According to my source, who only identified himself as Fehr, in February of this year DICE was absorbed into the CIA. Fehr says that the people at DICE were heading up a project to turn military and governments agents into operatives with the skills, instincts, and abilities exhibited by Faith in Mirror's Edge.

I attempted to contact someone inside the CIA to get a comment on this story. I believe this to be the reason why I have no memories of Thursday. I am currently reaching out to people inside the Obama Administration to get confirmation. If I can get my hands on some marijuana cigarettes, I may get a meeting with the current Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison.

Because of my inability to independently verify Fehr's claims, I am unable to say with a certainty if this story is true or false. All I know is that if Sy Hersh doesn't stop stealing my sources, I'm going to send the VP's hit squad after him. Maybe they can help me get that bag of Cheetos off that ledge I can't seem to get at.

Star Trek Review

I usually post my blogs on Sunday morning. I write them throughout the week, but I usually type them up, make sure they're all correct, and put them up for public consumption on Sunday morning by noon. Last week I altered my routine. I typed up my blog on Thursday morning and posted it after I got home from work on Saturday night. Why? There was a movie I wanted to see and I wanted to catch the Sunday matinee.

So Sunday rolls around, I shower, shave, watch Sports Center, and get dressed and ready to leave the house. I was done with this whole process by 9:45 in preparation for a 12:00 movie. Since I had nothing better to do, I drove down to the theater, intending to get a nice Sunday morning brunch.

Around the theater are various restaurants, Chili's, Ruby Tuesday, IHOP, etc., that I thought would be open. I pulled into the theater parking lot at 10:15 and looked toward the IHOP. There was a line out the door, so that was out. I walked over to the theater, bought my ticket, then walked down to where Chili's, Ruby Tuesday, and Iggy's Sports Grill sit right in a row. As I walked down corridor, I felt like I just walked into a horror film and was walking toward a strung out redneck who was going to jump out and attack me. Nothing was open, everything was dark and no one was around. In fact, outside of the IHOP, none of the restaurants opened until 11AM.

What the fuck. I know I live in a place where the predominate religion says spending money of the Sabbath is immoral, but come the fuck on! I'm hungry, I have money to spend on food, and NO ONE is open to serve me. That, to me, was such a god damn disappointment.

Thankfully the movie I went to see, Star Trek, was absolutely different. In fact, I liked Star Trek so much, I'm going to mirror the process I went through last weekend so I can catch the Sunday matinee of it this weekend. Except this time I'm eating before I leave the house.

Star Trek: A-

****-Astrology Versus USPS

Astrology For Gamers

Aries (March 21-April 19)
After emerging from a high level dungeon, you will find yourself with low health. You will give a member of your party a dose of Phoenix Down and trust that he will know what to do with it. You will die. The person you trusted the Phoenix Down to will have no idea what you just gave him. You will remain dead.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
In an attempt to be like Faith from Mirror's Edge, you will attempt to jump from the roof of a building, catch a pole on an adjacent building, jump to a nearby pole, vault to the roof of the building, jump on a zip line and ride it to a soft landing on top of a building across town. You will succeed in doing all this. After doing this, you will absentmindedly walk off the edge of the building you just expended much effort to get to. You will die.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
You will believe a turtle is throwing hammers at you. You will utterly obliterate the turtle and, shortly thereafter, get arrested and thrown in jail. In jail you will meet a skinhead named Dwayne. You will die.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Because your life sucks, you will attempt to hit the Reset button. There is no button to be found. You will then attempt to turn off the power. In order to do this, you will enter a high security nuclear power station. You will die.

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)
You will realize that you share an astrological sign with this annoying little ginger kid who thinks he writes a funny satirical blog. You will die.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)
Taking a cue from Ace Combat 6, you will steal a plane and start flying around aimlessly in the skies over a major metropolitan city. You will frighten people. They will call the authorities. A F-16 fighter jet will start trailing you. You will attempt to shoot down the F-16 with a missile, which you do not have. You will die.

Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)
You enter a mansion that is rumored to be the home of Dracula armed only with your wits and a whip. Upon jumping the mansion's fence, you will find the grounds are patrolled by a dozen rottweilers. You will die.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)
After a particularly aggravating session of gaming, you will take some time to relax. You will find a calm, peaceful and quiet park. You will sit cross legged in the grass. You will breath deeply. All of the anger, the stress, the tension, all of the negativity will leave your body. Your hear rate will go down. Liking the effects of this, you will continue this relaxation exercise. Your heart rate will continue to go down. Eventually, you will die.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
In an effort to save your master form a violent street gang, you will enter the sewers wherein you will encounter some giant mutant rats. With only a katana sword and the occasional pizza slice at your disposal, you will fight and survive the arduous challenge that is the sewers and climb out the other side. Upon seeing daylight at the other side, you will encounter a giant mechanized rolling machine. You will die.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)
You will take a job as a construction foreman. You will employ a unique construction style: dropping oblong pieces of material from great heights. One day, as you are standing on the ground, a strong breeze will catch one of the pieces. You will die.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)
Like a character form many 8-Bit video games, you will attempt to kill yourself by jumping into water. You do not die. You will then attempt to kill yourself by jumping into a pit. You do not die, but you are badly injured. You will attempt to heal yourself by eating a magic mushroom. You will die.

Pisces (Feb 19-March 20)
You will anger two black men. One is Chris Rock. You will anger him by ripping off one of his comedy bits, which can be found on track seven of his "Bigger and Blacker" CD. The other is Derrick Hopkins. You will anger him by repeatedly saying the name of the game his working on "You will die". Chris and Derrick will team up to take retribution on you. You will die.

Please remember that all of these reading are meant for entertainment purposes only. If you take any of these astrological reading seriously, you will die.


Recently a controversial decision came down in the legal system in Sweden. A Swedish court levyed a heavy fine and jail time against Peter Sunde, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Fredrik Neij and Carl Lundstrom, owner/creators of the bittorent site The Pirate Bay. The court essentially ruled that because The Pirate Bay acted as a conduit between people who wanted to engage in activity that often breaks copyright laws, they themselves were guilty of breaking copyright laws. Based on the legal precedent that this sets, the US Department of Justice has decided to pursue a case against a shocking target, the United States Postal Service.

In December 2005, Brian Bolland, known online as Joker88, asked Steve Dillon, known as Preacher96, to send him a copy of Metallica's Master of Puppets CD. Rather than using the common method of copying the CD to his computer and sending it through e-mail, Mr. Dillon burned a copy of Master of Puppets to a CD, stuck some stamps on it, and mailed the burned CD to Mr. Bolland. Not long after this took place, the RIAA sued Dillon and Bolland for copyright infringement and reached an out of court settlement of $216,452,331.

After strong urging from RIAA head legal counsel Stanford Pliers, the Department of Justice decided to go after the United States Postal Service for acting as a conduit in this transaction, thereby breaking copyright laws, based on precedents established in The Pirate Bay case. Mr. Pliers released the following statement in reaction to this: "We got you mother fuckers by the balls now!"

Postmaster General John Potter had this to say, "Oh no. Oh please God no. First we're bleeding money. Then the reputation of our quality of service plummets. Not this. Where's my Magnum?"

Lead prosecutor in this case Flemming Rasmussen had this to say, "It is quite unfortunate that we have to take this action against a fellow government entity, but we all are duty bound to defend the law, no matter the consequences. Unless some action is taken by the Swedish courts that effect this clear legal precedent, we are prepared to go forward with this action as quickly as is the norm for DOJ, by February 2017."

In addition to this, other recently announced legal actions are expected to use the so called "Pirate Bay Precedent". This includes Canada Vs. Google for allowing people to search for child pornography, Mexico against Yahoo for allowing people to search for locations where they can witness pig/human copulation, and the State of Utah against Hotmail for allowing Redertainment to send a message to TheNintendoTheory telling him where he could score some potent weed.

****- Living On The Mirror's Edge Of A Madworld

Mirror's Edge Review

Have you ever come across this really compelling story. Whether it's a TV show, a movie, a book, or a play, it's just really compelling. The story begins and you are hooked. You meet characters, interact with the setting, get a feel of the environment the protagonist is in, learn about some of the relationships the protagonist has with other characters, and just generally get engrossed with this expertly crafted tale.

Now what if that story just abruptly ends? The characters are developed, the setting is detailed, the plot starts to go forward, then it just stops. Everything seems cut off, almost as if there's supposed to be more to this story, but the powers that be needed a product to sell, gave the writer a deadline, and ended it in a way that even the writer finds unsatisfactory.

Well, I was playing Mirror's edge this week and-

Mirror's edge: B+

The Following Message Is Not Approved By NBC

Recently our country has been dealing with a growing Swine Flu epidemic. Most reasonable people have been advising people to take reasonable measures to prevent exposure to this pathogen. However, there is one measure that I have yet to hear. I present it to you now.

This Swine flu has caught everyone by surprise, and while not much is known about the origins of this virus, one thing is certain. Contractions of and deaths from Swine Flu exploded in Mexico, and Mexico is home to many infamous and depraved sex shows, some including animals. Until this Swine Flu is under control and cases of this deadly disease go down, let me give you this bit of advice: Don't fuck pigs.


Hunter Red, pictured above, is entering his office to begin his day. Hunter sits down at his desk and turns his DSi on.

R- Hey, my friend Bryan sent me a picture.
Hunter opens the picture and looks at it for a sec.
R- So, Bryan sent me an altered picture of his junk.
Hunter puts the DSi down, fishes his cell phone out of his pocket, and begins to send a text message.
R- Warning: Objects in the pic you sent me may appear substantially larger than they actually are.
Hunter sends the message and puts his phone away. He then picks the DSi back up and says-
R- Why couldn't he send me the up-skirt pics I asked for? I don't care what he says, a kilt is not a skirt.


Madworld Review

There are many movies that I would propose people watch. Here are two.

The Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gene Rayburn, based on the book written by Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman.

This movie is an interesting comment on game shows and the increasingly perilous acts the contestants are challenged to do. Many of the elements in The Running Man are seen in the reality competition programs that clog the airwaves today. The Running Man is truly a cerebral yet brutal action film.

Escape From New York, with Kurt Russell, Issac Hayes, directed by John Carpenter.

John Carpenter's Escape From New York takes place in a dystopic future that occurred twelve years ago. Regardless of this not taking place in the future, the movie is still an excellent example of an alternate timeline where the events between the world's present and the movie's present have all curved toward bad. Escape From New York is also an excellent comment on what we think of and how we deal with criminality in America. It also stands as one of the few good Kurt Russell movies.

Both of these movies are great pieces of filmwork and should be watched by anyone who wants to know what good movies are, or you could play Madworld. Madworld is set in the world of Escape From New York with the basic plot of The Running Man, all done in black and white. By black and white I mean white, black, white, red, and white. A bit too much white space in my opinion, but then again I like things dark and dreary. Just look at my current girlfriend.

Madworld: A-