Found Questioning

Recently Ask.FM has seen an uptick in popularity.  With such internet dignitaries as skie and Rob Roberts joining in on the craze, I thought I would as well due to me being a lemming.  However, rather than joining Ask.FM, I thought I'd go about answering question from the internet in a different fashion.

Found poetry is a real and legitimate form of poetry, even having it's own Wikipedia entry.  Writers who engage in found poetry find examples of combinations of words that are in their environment that they find to be significant.  Sure you can question whether found poetry is truly creative, but people who bring up questions like that are rarely able to see the gentle beauty in everyday life.  Also, those people suck.

So I've decided, rather than solicit question from one source, to scour the internet looking for question that I can answer.  Sure these questions may not be directed toward me, but questions rarely are.  Okay, here goes.

Would You Have Sex With a Robot?


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