I Have Cheated On My Beloved

A couple of years ago someone special came into my life. My life has been unquestionably enhanced since then. I've gone to more restaurants, concerts, and other events in my community. I've become a more open, happier and all around more complete person. All thanks to my beloved Malibu.

Unfortunately this week an accident befell my beloved Malibu. It was completely my fault. I was being careless, reckless, and other forms of stupid. My beloved was not damaged much, but she did have to go in for some work on her sweet luscious body. While she was getting this work done, I was introduced to someone else. Someone who I found quite intriguing. Someone named Ognarud

When I was first introduced to Ognarud I was skeptical because of her size. When I first saw her I openly said, "Damn she's big." We were left alone for a while. I got to know her, she got to know me. She introduced me to her friends Howard, Robin, and Artie. The more I got to know about Ognarud, the more I liked her.

Finally, after much preparation and anxiety, Ognarud and I went for a "ride". It was one of the best "rides" I've ever had. Ognarud's size greatly contributed to my comfort, and eventually my bliss. Ognarud's "riding" style was warm, smooth, and comfortable like no other "ride" before. After the first "ride" Ognarud and I had, I was craving more and more. I was even willing, if not eager, to include Howard and Robin in our "rides". However, I quickly tired of her friend Artie, drug addicts don't agree with me much.

Then I received a call from my beloved Malibu and a flood of guilt came over me. This was not just because I had been cheating on my beloved Malibu, but because I had let a call from my beloved go to voicemail. My beloved had called to tell me that she was fine and her body work would be done by Monday. That's when I knew my tryst was coming to an end.

I will always remember Ognarud and the great times we had together. I look forward to meeting her again, and the many "rides" we will have until I am reunited with my beloved. Who knows, maybe someday Malibu will fall away from my life. This would open the way for Ognarud to be fully and truly integrated into my life. Oh how I will always crave the smooth "ride" of Ognarud.

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