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Landscape Typing Rulz!

For a wjile now i gabe been dreading typong on ny iPod Touch. This id because my fingerd arw too big for the buttond on thr svrren anf I often mistypw and have to go back anf coerect ir. That chabged on Monday wirh thr release of iPod dirmware 3.0 abs the integration of Kabdacape Ryping.

Now I can simply turn my iPod Touch on it's side and get bigger buttons, allowing me to mistype less and send messages clearer and faster. Yes I know $10 is highway robbery to pay for a firmware update, but Landscape Typing alone makes this so worth it. Also being able to see the artist, song, and album title of what I'm listening to from the sleep screen is really cool.

Now if only they could fix the fact that I can't get cell reception inside the building I work at. That's the only thing holding me back from getting an iPhone. With 32GB to store my music, apps, movies, and podcasts, plus the ability to make phone calls, I greatly desire an iPhone. I think this would be a great birthday gift, MOM!

What Do You Mean I Can't Smell My Own Shit?

On June 18th, the Food and Drug Administration issued a directive immediately pulling the cold remedy Zicam over concerns about possible side effects, including loss of the sense of smell. Among the people reacting to this move was conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. In a lengthy rant abut this move on June 18th, Mr. Limbaugh inferred that this move by the FDA was meant to directly affect him and his show. Until it's removal from the market, Zicam was a sponsor of the Rush Limbaugh Show.

On the same day the FDA pulled Zicam from the market, the same agency pulled another product form the market for reasons that baffle me. This product was not widely known but was gaining in popularity before the FDA's actions. This is a product by Ciencin, a Utah based food manufacturer. Among the foods manufactured by Ciencin are potato chips of various flavor. One of these flavors was lead. This is not a novelty flavor, Ciencin is actually able to capture the flavor of lead and use it to season potato chips, called "lead chips". Ciencin captures the flavor of lead, not by synthesizing it like other chip makers do, by using real lead. When you eat a Ciencin lead flavored potato chip you are literally eating a lead chip. I have no idea why the FDA would have a problem with that.

So how does this effect me? No, I do not eat lead chips, although the paint on my grandmother's house is yummy. One of the first sponsors that appeared on Redertainment.com was Ciencin. Ads for Ciencin lead flavored chips have appeared along side the Four Stars Blog since the very beginning. I consider Ciencin to be one of my biggest supporters. It is clear to me the FDA pulled Ciencin's product as a way to silence me, the great Hunter Red. Why else would the Food and Drug Administration pull a great product life this from the market? Just because it's main ingredient is lead and it's designed to be consumed by the bagful? Yeah right.

I have sent a formal letter of complaint to the White House about the FDA's decision regarding Ciencin. I'm also looking forward to finally getting that meeting with the White House Office of Public Liaison, as I now have in my possession some sliders and blunts.

Silent Hill: The Romance of the Satanic

Anabeth Palmer is a twenty-eight year old school teacher. After struggling through several substitute and temporary teaching positions, Miss Palmer had finally secured a full time teaching position at an elementary school in rural Pennsylvania. Miss Palmer packs all her worldly possessions into her car and ventures out across the country to the small mining town of Silent Hill.

At first everything goes well. Anabeth begins to settle into her new home with her new neighbors and her new job teaching third grade students at Silent Hill Elementary School. Things begin to take a turn when two events happen in Anabeth's life.

First she meets established fifth grade teacher Thomas Kinkade. Mr. Kinkade is a long time resident of Silent Hill, a teacher, and an occasional painter of horrible looking pieces of art. Thomas gives Anabeth as a way to breaking the ice so he could pursue her romantically. Anabeth rebuffs Thomas's advances but does accept the gift of his painting. As Anabeth is looking at Mr. Kinkade's painting, she starts to notice the satanic imagery contained in this cheery piece of art.

The second major event happens when Anabeth goes to the church in Silent Hill for the first time, the Cathedral of the LaVey. When Miss Palmer enters this church she is mortified to find that most of the residents of Silent Hill follows a satanic cult, led by an especially creepy figure, Celeste Eisnger. Anabeth gets up to leave, but in an effort to stop her, Celeste grabs onto Anabeth's arm. As Miss Palmer pulls away from her, Mrs. Eisnher digs her nails deep into Anabeth's arm, leaving long deep scratches in the process.

The next day, Anabeth is at the head of the class when she falls asleep at her desk. When she awakens she finds that all the children have left and the doors to the outside have been locked. Knowing that there's a set of janitor keys in a shed on the roof, Miss Palmer goes up the stairs. Along her way she encounters a number of bizarre aberrations, which appear to be modeled after various children and faculty members of Silent Hill Elementary. The only defense Anabeth has against the murderous aberrations is a child's softball bat, a teacher's pointing wand, and an assault rifle she finds in a fourth grader's backpack. Eventually, Anabeth makes it to the roof of the school. Once there she is accosted by a giant winged creature who pierces her in the stomach with it's tail. Anabeth Palmer passes out sprawled on the roof of Silent Hill Elementary School.

The next morning, Anabeth Palmer awakens on the roof of Silent Hill Elementary. She looks around, sees nothing to suggest anything is wrong, and chocks her encounter with the aberrations to be just a bad dream. She is troubled by the question of how she came to be on the roof of the school.

Miss Palmer leaves the school and goes home to freshen up. The town is in it's normal state and everything appears to be just as it should be. Anabeth goes home, goes up to her bedroom, begins to draw herself a bath, and starts to undress. Anabeth removes her blouse, looks at herself in the mirror and stops. For a long time she looks at herself in the mirror, frozen by what she sees. On her stomach, right where the winged creature pierced her, is a circle with markings and symbols in it. This circle is much like one of the circles she saw at the satanic church.

The story goes on from there as Anabeth confronts the satanic church and her own personal romantic demons.



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