****- Yelling Fire In A 1960's Reality Show

Yelling Fire! In A Crowded Office

Hunter Red is entering the offices of the Redertainment Corporation of America. As he’s walking through the office he sees a new woman, in the office, pictured below. Hunter goes over to talk to her.

Hunter- Hi. I’m not really observant, are you new here?
Robin- Yes, I’m Robin.
Hunter and Robin shake hands.
Hunter- Nice to meet you. When did you start here at R.C.O.A.?
Robin- Actually, I’ve been working for Redertainment for several years.
Hunter- Wow, I really need to work on remembering things.
Robin- No, this is my first day working in Salt Lake, I usually work in LA.
Hunter- Ah, so what do you do?
Robin- I’m a reporter.
Hunter- What do you report on?
Robin- I keep tabs on the new pornography that’s being produced. Have you n ever ready my pieces on porn?
Hunter- Read porn?
Robin- Well, I’ve been reading your stuff for a while now. I thought Consequences Of Mayorust was excellent.
Hunter- Thanks, now if only someone outside of R.C.O.A. would tell me that. So, what brings you up here? I’m unaware of any good porn being produced here.
Robin- Actually, I’m only up here until the fire near LA is under control.
Hunter- You left because of a fire?
Robin- Well it’s a really big fire and I was concerned about the impact it would have on my health.
Hunter- Yeah, catching yourself on fire is definitely very bad for your health. Well, I’ll let you get back to work, it was very nice to meet you.
Robin- Same here. I look forward to working with you in the future.
Hunter walks away from Robin’s desk and over to his office. Once Hunter sits down he begins digging around in the drawers in his desk. Hunter pulls out a large candle and a lighter. Hunter puts the candle on his desk, lights it, then looks out the window for some time. Hunter then looks back at the candle and says-
Hunter- Holy shit! There’s a fire! I’m going to Seattle!
Hunter quickly bolts out of his office, leaving the candle burning on his desk.

Don Draper Is Dreamy

In an effort to increase our standing in the ever increasingly competitive corporate environment, the Redertainment Corporation Of America has hired a Madison Avenue ad agency to run a series of advertisements for us across many different forms of media. The ad agency we have hired is Sterling Cooper(Link To Mad Men Wiki). During one of our meeting with Sterling Cooper, we came across an ad campaign from one of their other clients. After seducing one of their secretaries and sneaking into their offices, a la Sam Fisher, we managed to steal documents relating to this client’s new ad campaign. This campaign is not for an existing product but for one set to be unveiled in time to be in stores by Holiday 2013. Over the next weeks and months we will present this new campaign, at least until we are mortally threatened to stop.

We at Sony are proud of the role we play in bringing quality entertainment to people across the world. We pioneered personal musical entertainment with the Walkman. We brought video games to millions of homes with the Playstation, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 computer entertainment systems. Finally, we brought high definition movies, televisions shows, sports, and concerts home to our customers with our Bravia line of high definition televisions and our many Blu-Ray movie players, including the previously mentioned Playstation 3.

Now the time has come to revolutionize things again. This time by moving things forward while maintaining elements of the past. Ladies, gentlemen, and everybody else, introducing the Playstation 4.

What will the Playstation 4 do that no other media device has yet to do? Let me explain. When the Playstation 3 was first released it was able to play Playstation, Playstation 2, and Playstation 3 video game discs. After some time we decided to eliminate the ability to play Playstation 2 video game discs on our Playstation 3 computer video game system. The response to this was decisive and universal. Our customers did not like this decision at all. Our customers saw a value in backwards compatibility that we had unfortunately overlooked. This was a mistake on our part, one which we will make amends for with the all new Sony Playstation 4.

The Playstation 4 computer video game system will be fully backwards compatible with all Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and all future Playstation 4 video game discs. In addition, the Playstation 4 will be able to play CDs, DVDs, HD-DVDs, and Blu-Ray movie discs, and we aren’t stopping there. Like we stated earlier, we will make amends for overlooking the value of backwards compatibility, and we intend to give our customers the best value for their hard earned dollar.

We at Sony are proud to announce that the Playstation 4 computer video game system will be the first high definition media device to play VHS cassette tapes in stunning 1080p. You will be able to play old television shows, treasures sporting events, and memorable home movies in the kind of vivid and stunning clarity that you never have before. And that’s not all.

The Playstation 4 will also be compatible with Laserdisc movie discs. This means that with the Playstation 4 you can watch three different formats of the science fiction classic Star Wars, as well as other world class pieces of classic cinema.
In addition to Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, Laserdisc, and VHS media delivery devices, the all new Sony Playstation 4 will play cassette tapes, Mini-Discs, Betamax tapes, vinyl records, 8 track tapes, and kinetoscope film based media devices. All at the low price of $1499.99. Why is that a low price? Because we are losing $3000 every time we sell a Playstation 4.

Playstation 4: We Play EVERYTHING!

s3ria1 ki113r5!

Sony recently announced that they will be launching a reality show over PSN. This reality show will “have aspiring game testers duking it out reality-style for the privilege of working for Playstation’s San Diego QA department.”.

Sony has chosen to partner with 51 Minds Entertainment for this project. 51 Minds Entertainment is the production company responsible for Megan Wants A Millionaire and I Love Money 3. We have been given exclusive details about some of the people who will be featured on this Sony reality show project.

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