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The Red Interview- Trevor Moore

Hunter- Hello and welcome to The Red Interview, I am your host Hunter Red. My guest tonight is Trevor Moore. Trevor is a writer, performer, and is a member of the Whitest Kids U’Know, currently playing on IFC. Trevor, it’s a pleasure to have you here.
Trevor- Thanks but I’m not Trevor Moore.
H- (Laughs lightly) Okay Trevor, you don’t have to be on here.
T- What do you mean?
H- You don’t have to joke with me here.
T- I’m not.
H- Okay, I’ll play along. So Trevor-
T- I’m not Trevor.
H- Okay then, what character are you playing?
T- I’m not playing a character.
H- Okay then, who are you?
T- Edge.
H- Edge?
T- Edge. Nine time world heavyweight champion, winner of the 2010 Royal Rumble, the Rated R Superstar.
Hunter has a dumb look on his face.
H- Wait a moment.
Hunter whips out his iPod Touch and looks up a picture of Trevor Moore and Edge.

H- Oh. I can see why I misidentified you. You and Trevor look very much alike.
Edge- Really?
H- Yeah, you two could even pass as brothers.
E- Really?
H- Yes.
E- Well, do you have any questions for me?
H- No, unless you have some knowledge of sketch comedy.
E- Well, thank you for wasting my time.
H- It wasn’t a waste of time. We paid you for your appearance.
E- Yes, you paid me all of $50, which is way more valuable than a good night’s sleep.
H- Well, that’s all the time we have for The Red Interview. I’d like to thank my guest Trevor Moore- I mean Edge.
E- That’s it, I’m out of here.
Edge gets up and storms out of the studio.
H- I’m Hunter Red reminding you to make sure you prepare for the guest you actually book. See you next time.

Hunter Red: Enemy Of The State

On February 4th, the Utah State Legislature passed a referendum declaring wolves an enemy of the state. This is despite wolves being on the Endangered Species List and there being no wolves in the state of Utah.

The Utah State Legislature is also expected to declare the following things that do not exist in Utah enemies of the state.

A team that plays in the National Football League

A good metal radio station

Democratic politicians with a spine

Robin Anderson

A Popeye’s Chicken restaurant that civilians can go to

A McDonald’s that serves food suitable for humans (not that one of those exists ANYWHERE)

Republican Politicians that are sane
And lastly…

Black people

I Am Not Kidding About This 2

Rolly: Dr. King to get a partner?
Sometimes I wonder if the members of the Utah State Legislature actually interact with the people they claim to represent. If they did they would see how completely wrong it is to even propose something like this. I mean come on, Martin Luther King Jr. was killed with a gun.

I am also not kidding about this,

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