Who Killed Amanda Palmer Review

There is a certain type of women who I can fall for in an instant. These are women who are highly intelligent, undeniably beautiful, and funny while maintaining their dignity. Two women who instantly come to mind that posses these qualities are Natalie Portman and Amanda Palmer.

I fell in love with Amanda Palmer the first time I saw her. I had been listening to The Dresden Dolls for some time, but it wasn't until I saw Amanda and her bandmate Brian Viglione that I truly started to appreciate The Dresden Dolls and Amanda Palmer. Through her music, Amanda expresses a quirkiness that is much sought after but rarely found, along with a natural fragility and a lack of boundaries. The Dresden Dolls are a great band that I would recommend to anyone.

Amanda Palmer brings the same approach to her first solo album Who Killed Amanda Palmer This album has a delicateness and emotional rawness that had me on the verge of tears. Who Killed Amanda Palmer's mix of piano, strings, percussion, and vocals is at times beautiful, tragic, grand, romantic, and obscene. There are very few musicians that evoke an emotional response from me, Amanda Palmer has done just that.

Who Killed Amanda Palmer is a great CD by a great artist who really should be more popular than she is. Everybody within the sound of my keyboard should at least give Miss Palmer a chance to enter their musical consciousness, and maybe their heart.

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