The Red Interview- Professor Robert Tennant

Good evening. This is The Red Interview, and I am your host Hunter Red. This week our guest is Doctor Robert Tennant. He is a professor of Physics at Oxford and a member of the International Organization of Christian Physicist (IOCP). Doctor Tennant currently resides in Cardiff with his wife and seven children.

Hunter Red- So Doctor Tennant, what kind of video games do you play?
Professor Robert Tennant- Excuse me?
H- What kinds of video games do you play?
P- Um, I don’t play video games.
H- Excuse me? I contacted you about doing an interview for my video game blog. You seemed very enthusiastic about it.
P- I’m a physicists. Most people aren’t interested in interviewing physicists.
H- I don’t run a physics blog.
P- I’m sorry.
H- You know, that’s fine, we can talk about other things. What do you think of Pineapple Express?
P- Excuse me?
H- Pineapple Express?
P- What is that, some sort of train?
H- No, it’s a movie.
P- Oh, what’s it about?
H- It’s about these two guys who are trying to evade some dope dealers.
P- What are they, making dynamite?
H- No. What does dynamite have to do with dope?
P- Dope is the term used for the material they add nitroglycerin to make dynamite.
H- Oh, I didn’t know that.
P- Most people don’t.
H- Well, I meant marijuana. Pineapple Express is considered a drug movie.
P- Oh. You don’t smoke that stuff, do you?
H- Sometimes, at parties? Do you?
P- Hell no.
H- Really, why not? Did you have a bad experience?
P- No, I’m Mormon.
H- So, you’ve had no experiences?
P- I’m out of here.
H- Thank you for your time Doctor.

Well, that’s it for The Red Interview for today. Join us next time when our guest will be Uwe Boll and our topic will be beating film makers with a club. See you then.

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