****- Off Sticks

Dilldo Sticks In Use

Recently it was announced that Playstation Move support will be added to the recent Playstation 3 release Heavy Rain. Commenting on this, Sony President Jack Tretton said, “I feel it is great that a title that is already in the homes on so many consumers will add support for this exciting new way to play games.” When asked how the Playstation Move will be used in Heavy Rain, Mr. Tretton said, “There are many ways Playstation move could be used in Heavy Rain. For instance, in the sex scene between Ethan and Madison, you can use the Playstation Move to penetrate Miss Paige’s-" At that point the phone call abruptly ended.

Insta-Turn Off

Hunter Red is sitting in the living room of Robin Anderson’s home waiting for Robin to finish getting ready for a night out.
Robin- (From the other room)Hunter?
Hunter- Yes Robin?
R- When is this thing we’re going to tonight?
H- Nine.
R- What time is it now?
H- Don’t you have a clock in there?
R- No.
Hunter rolls his eyes and looks at this watch.
H- It’s seven, we got plenty of time.
R- Okay. Who are we seeing tonight anyway?
H- Marcus.
R- He’s that comedian guy, right?
H- Yep.
R- That guy is one sexy motherfucker.
H- indeed.
R- By the way, I bought a new jacket. You wanna see it?
H- Sure.
Robin walks into the living room wearing her usual getup for a night out, plus a new red leather jacket.
R- So, what do you think?
Hunter looks like he’s about to throw up.
R- Oh no. You don’t like it.
H- No. No I do not.
R- What, does it not fit well on me?
H- No, it’s not that.
Hunter digs his iPhone out of his pocket and searches for something.
H- It’s this.
Hunter shows Robin this photo:

R- Oh my.
H- Yes.
R- I can see why you’re disgusted.
H- Yes.
R- I’ll go change.
H- Yes, please.
Robin goes off to take off her jacket.
R- (From the other room) Does this mean I’ll have to throw out my S&M gear?
H- Not unless Voyeur has an amateur night.


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