Red Got Burned Out

Marcus- The Hand That Feeds

Marcus, Utah native known for his appearances on Last Comic Standing and the Geek Show Podcast, will be performing live at Kingston Hall. This is not just an ordinary performance, this performance will be filmed for the upcoming comedy special "The Hand That Feeds". Tickets are on sale right now at Tickets close to the stage costs only $35. Gets your tickets early as this show is expected to sell out.

The Red Interview- Karl Rove

Recently Fox News contributor and University of Utah graduate Karl Rove came to Utah to promote his book Courage and Consequence. The Redertainment Corporation Of America was granted an exclusive interview with this highly regarded figure among the conservative movement.

Hunter Red- Mr. Rove, MR. ROVE, I have a question for you.
Karl Rove- Yes, that red haired gentleman in the middle there.
Hunter- You mean me?
Karl- Yes.
Hunter- Mr. Rove, do you follow basketball at all?
Karl- No, unfortunately I do not. I did when I was in college but I'm too busy to follow the game now.
Hunter- So you don't have an opinion on who will win the championship this year?
Karl- No, I do not.
Hunter- Okay, thanks.

And that was The Redertainment Corporation Of America exclusive interview with Karl Rove. Enjoy!

Vacation Time

Following the news as closely as I do has caused me to follow a lot of shit.

First Sheldon Killpack resigned his seat in the Utah State Senate following a DUI arrest. The police dashcam footage of this arrest has yet to be made public despite several media inquiries and the people in charge of maintaining public records telling the Utah Highway Patrol to release them. Rumor has it that this is because of the improper conduct that this video contains. Conduct by the police.

Then Kevin Garn resigned his seat in the Utah State Senate after it came out that he had a naked hot tub encounter with a fifteen year old, when he was thirty. This is a story that several media knew about but didn't report. Why? I don't know.

Then Valentine's Day came and I got blackout drunk. I hate that day.

Then the Infinity Ward/Activision/Jack Booted Thugs incident happened. This is something I fear would happen to me because I live in Utah and I am a liberal.

Then there's the behavior exhibited by the Republican Party. Between thinking doing nothing at all ever is a coherent political strategy, to lying about everything, every time, everywhere, to making bigotry into law, the Republican party has shown just why they can't be trusted with power. The Democrats really can't be trusted either. Come on Democrats, show you have a spine.

Now, in the past two weeks, we have bomb scares, giant oil spills, and the Osmonds making the news because they had a family party. I desperately need a vacation. Where's a good place to go. I hear Nashville is good this time of-


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