Buh-Bye Daria Family Scam

Daria: The Complete Series Box Set

Robin Anderson is sitting in her office at the Redertainment Corporation Of America offices watching the Daria: Complete Series box set. Hunter Red walks in and says-

Hunter- Hey, what's up?
Robin- Nothing much. Just watching this show that just came out on DVD.
Hunter comes around to where Robin is sitting and sees what she's watching.
Hunter- They finally put Daria out on DVD! OH MY GOD!!!
Robin- Is that a sarcastic comment, because you don't believe in god.
Hunter- I don't have to believe in my god to take her name in vain. Also, I love this show?
Robin- Really? Can you write the review I'm supposed to do, because I'm feeling really uninspired.
Hunter- Sorry, no can do.
Robin- Why not?
Hunter- Because, Daria is me.
Robin looks at Daria on the TV, then looks at Hunter, then looks at Daria, then back at Hunter.

Robin- Do you mean the long hair and the glasses?
Hunter- No. I moved to a new location just before junior high, my mom is a workaholic, my dad is eccentric to the point of psychosis, my sister is a social marvel, and I am a social reject. I identify perfectly with Daria.
Robin- Do you find it strange that you identify most with an animated girl?
Hunter- Not as much as other people do. So, who do you identify with?
Robin thinks about this question for a moment, then says-
Robin- Kristen from Young People Fucking.
Hunter- Huh. I wonder why that is?
Robin and Hunter continue to stare at each other until the scene ends.


How To Make Money As An Author

David Kirkham is sitting in his den. He is sitting alone, deep in thought when he starts talking to himself. "Man. I hate this. I mean, working is it's own reward, but I wish it was more rewarding. If only I could figure out a way to make the big bucks."

The TV is on and a commercial plays for a guy selling a financial planning book. "That is such a scam. That just stinks of fraud and slime ball tactics and just taking advantage of the stupid to make yourself rich." David then has a thought many of us have had before. "What if I wrote a financial planning book? Sure it's scummy, but I could invest part of the money I make into a charity somewhere, or in the church."

Another commercial plays on the TV selling another financial planning book. "But the market is already full of books like that. If I wrote one, what would stop it from being just another in the sea of similar finance books."

David puts his head in his hands and begins to mourn the loss of a potentially money making idea. Then the program he's watching comes out of commercial. "Welcome back to the Shawn Hannity Show. Up next, our nightly check-in with the perpetual smear campaign propagated in the liberal mainstream media against the good people of the Tea Party Movement."

David perks up when he sees this. "That's it! That how I can do it. I don't write a book about how to make yourself rich. I write a book about how to use Tea Party support to take down political candidates you don't agree with. There aren't many of those books out there! It's brilliant! I gotta start on this now."

David takes out a pad and begins to jot down an outline for his book. The first thing he writes is the title: How To Be An Influential Figure In American Politics

Ice Cube: Family Man

Ice Cube, gangster rapper member of N.W.A. who is featured in the video above, is set to star in a family sitcom on TBS. Not kidding.
Are We There Yet? TV series Wiki.

Facebook: 2009 - 2010

So I think I'm done with Facebook. Only a year after setting up my profile with enough personal info to enable any thief to take my identity on a joyride, I'm done with it. This isn't something that cane to me on a whim, it's been building for a couple of months now.

The process that lead to me becoming disinterested in Facebook began almost from the start. I set up my profile, added some people in the All Games Community, then started getting friend requests from people I knew in high school. Some friends, an old crush(link to Oblivion review), and some people who would not have even associated with me at all if not for Facebook. Then I started getting requests from my family. First it was my sister, then a couple of my cousins added me, and then I received a friend request from my mom.

My mom is the kind of person who doesn't get the references I make or have the same tastes in comedy. I remember her telling me one time, "Clubbing a baby seal isn't funny!". While alone clubbing a baby seal isn't funny, in the context I put it in it was moderately humorous. I think.

Almost from the first day I added my mom as a "friend" on Facebook, I started getting snippy little comments from my mom about my status updates. As frustrating as it was to deal with her in person, it was more frustrating to deal with her on my computer. I about deleted her from my friends list on several occasions, but I didn't want to deal with the shit that would rain down on me if I did that.

Then on Wednesday something happened that drove me completely away from Facebook. I received a friend request from my grandfather.

So, goodbye Facebook. We've had some good times. Wait, NO WE HAVEN'T!

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