Volume 11: Part 3- Trebyer: Saturday, October 22nd

Reporter's Notes:
            No good account exists in Hato Shurtleff's journal for the day of and the events that occurred on Saturday, October 22nd.  The reason for this will become evident as Rinoa Ann's account of this day unfolds.  Unlike the accounts Hato provides, Rinoa's accounts were written well after they happened, probably in either January or February of the current year.  This explains the perspective from which it was written, as well as the lack of a time when written.
Vince Fielding, reporter VNBS

Saturday, October 22nd
The argument that Hato and I had the day before stayed with me as I tried to go to sleep that night.  The anger I felt, coupled with a suspicion that Hato might sneak into the bedroom I was sleeping in, resulted in my sleep to be very light and not very relaxing.  Every little noise resulted in me waking up, which is what happened when I heard heavy breathing at about 2 A.M.  I was fearful of what I'd find when I went to investigate the noise.
When I looked out into the living area of the mini-apartment inside Gin's house, I saw a silhouette in the moonlight.  What I was looking at was Hato sitting up on the couch he was sleeping on, eyes wide open, desperately trying to catch his breath.  He looked like a kid that had just woken up from a bad dream.  Seeing him like that, I couldn't help but feel sympathy for him.
I opened the door just wide enough to poke my head through and asked Hato if he was okay.  Instead of telling me if he was all right, Hato started apologizing.  He apologized for waking me up, being a dick to me that day, and just on and on.  I walked into the living area, intending to put an end to Hato's endless apology.  As I did so, I glanced out the big window behind the couch Hato was sleeping on.  Something caught my eye, something I had seen before but not from that far off in the distance.  Out of the window I saw the white expanding smoke.  White expanding smoke is the signature of the chemical attacks carried out by verbrecher extremist groups in Trebyer.  This is a signature that I recognized but Hato did not.
Hato spent several minutes on his Hipster trying to figure out what the fuck was going on.  I know that Hato wanted to know what the fuck was going on because he kept on repeatedly saying he wanted to know what the fuck was going on.  Hato's answers could have been easily answered by me, but I didn't.  My own memories of watching white smoke waft past my screaming mother prevented me from doing so.  Gin entered the room and told Hato and I what was going on.  I was aware of this but I didn't respond.  The window and the smoke I could see through it held all of my attention.
I think I might have stayed there, standing there, looking out that window untill time stopped if Hato had not grabbed my shoulders to get my attention.  "Rinoa," yelled Hato, this time succeeding in getting my attention.
I blinked a couple of times and said, "Yes."
"You said to me you wanted to go with me to Amcan.  Do you want to still do that?"
As I contemplated Hato's question, I glanced out the window.  The smoke made my decision for me.  "Yes.  I want to leave Trebyer, now."
Hato grabbed my hand and said, "Then we need to leave, now!"  With that we were off.  The three of us, Gin, Hato and I, going as fast as we could to Gin's car, then to the airport, then to the hangar where Gin's plane was.  We weren't even phased when we found Sam lying on the floor of Gin's car, obviously still drunk from the night before.
The impact of the car going through the gate at the airport woke up Sam, which gave him the opportunity to make a lurid remark about being between my legs.  Hato kicked Sam for that comment, an action Sam totally had coming.  I would have kicked Sam as well but the violent motion of Gin navigating his way through the Trebyer International Airport prevented me from doing so.  Gin didn't drive like that to be dramatic, he drove that way to avoid people as he made his way to the hangar with his plane in it.
If you study how people react during an emergency situation, you generally see two types of people.  There is one type of people who gives in to their fear and run around frantically as they attempt to get things done.  Another type of person is more calm in an emergency situation.  This kind of person maintains a level head as they do the things they have to do in a supremely efficient manner.  As we prepared to takeoff, Gin, Hato, and I were the kind of people who give in to their fear.  Sam, however, was calm and reserved in what he felt he had to do.  However, what Gin thought he had to do was not join us in the plane.
When the hangar doors opened, we could see a stream of people heading for the hangar.  These people, streaming in through the gate we had knocked down, were carrying bats, machetes, clubs, and any other long blunt object they could easily swing.  Seeing those people and the fact that they were running along the runway Gin wanted to use made Hato and I panic more.  That is untill we heard the trunk of Gin's car close.  When we looked at Gin's car we saw Sam with an assault rifle in each hand telling up to go on without him.  Hato tried telling Sam to get in the plane but either his words were muffled by the sound of gunfire, the sound of the plane's engine, or Sam wasn't listening.  Hato continued trying to convince Sam to get into the plane even after the plane started moving out of the hangar.
Seeing the Earth from the perspective of a plane is always odd.  That perspective seems to provide you with things that you will never forget seeing due to its utter beauty.  I will never forget what I saw out the window of Gin's plane that day but not because of its beauty.  Seeing my home, the capital city, the place where I was born slowly being filled with smoke from chemical bombs laid by verbrechers militias was, and still is, distressing on a level I can't describe.
There was only one thing that could take my attention away from my city being destroyed.  Hato and Gin were talking.  Talking about gas.  Apparently, the jet fuel that we made deliveries to get the money in order to obtain has not arrived yet, and was most certainly not in Gin's plane.  While there was enough gas for Gin, Hato, and I to leave Trebyer, there wasn't nearly enough to get us to Amcan.
With the amount of gas we had left we'd only be able to reach Vierdestad.  Not the airport in Vierdestad, or the actual city of Vierdestad, but the forest just outside the city limits.  Vierdestad is far enough away from Trebyer that we escaped the things going on in the capital of Dolore, but we'd still be in Dolore.  As we approached the forest, Sam told us to brace for impact.  I put on my seatbelt and leaned as far back as I could while Hato pressed his legs against the seat in front of him and held on to a bar in the ceiling.
The plane entered the forest a lot smoother than I expected.  It was like a rollercoaster without the added benefit of knowing you were completely safe.  Ground caused another jarring motion to go through the plane, followed by the plane slowly losing speed as it skidded on the ground.  Then we saw something ahead.  Something we couldn't turn away from but, we prayed, we would stop before we reached it.  A cliff.  Specifically, the Cooper Cliff with its sixty-five foot drop to a cold granite floor.
The plane slid along the ground, getting closer to the cliff, untill it reached the edge.  The plane came to a stop with the nose, front landing gear, and nearly half of the plane hanging off Cooper Cliff.  Rather than panicking, at that moment I was thanking my lucky starts that the ride was over.  The ride wasn't over.  The plane started moving again.
As the plane started tipping forward, the most pointing perilously down, I reached out for Hato's hand.  I may not have known Hato well at that time, but I knew him and that comforted me.  At least I was not facing my death alone.  Hato took my hand just as the plane started to fall.
Rinoa Ann

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