Red Reacts- Xbox One Reveal

On Tuesday, Microsoft revealed it's next console, the Xbox One.  If you haven't watched the announcement yet, you either do not care about the announcement or your internet is out.  If you internet is out, how are you reading this?
I couldn't watch the announcement live due to work.  Thankfully, Microsoft is allowing people to watch the Xbox One Reveal through their Xbox 360 consoles for free without the need for a Xbox Live Gold account.  I watched the announcement through my Xbox 360 console the evening after the announcement was made with only a small amount of trouble, trouble which I attribute to my unbearable ISP.  My kudos go to Microsoft for allowing potential consumers to view the announcement on their own time in a way that is readily accessible to them.
The announcement showed off many features of the Xbox One in ways that were deemed to be "spectacular", "inspirational", "over played", and "OHMYGODWHEREISTHEMASTERCHEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!" by people in the Twitterverse.  The feature shown at the announcement that stood out to me was the TV capabilities.  Being able to switch between TV and games is something that I already have, but it's good to see that the transition will be more seamless...... if it works.  The presentation showed how well the Xbox One's TV features can work with a cable provider that has a working relationship with Microsoft, namely Comcast.  It will be interesting to what other television providers will work well with seamless switching between TV and gameplay works with.  Specifically, I want to know if my current DirecTV will work with this feature, or if I'm going to have to upgrade my system, or switch to a providers in order to use this feature.
There were a lot of games promised during the Xbox One Reveal presentation, but not a lot were shown in detail.  One game that was shown in detail blew me away.  Call Of Duty: Ghosts.  The kind of graphics shown during this part of the presentation astounded me to the point that, despite having not done so in a couple of years, I sincerely want to play this year's installment in the Call Of Duty franchise.  It will be interesting to see, come E3 time, what other developers can do with their games on the Xbox One, and how these developers can astound consumers once again.
Overall this presentation made a real impression on me.  The Xbox One Reveal presentation motivated me to want to buy the console in a way that similar announcement from Sony and Nintendo did not.  This presentation made buying the Xbox One a high priority on my To Do List..........
...right under buying a New House.  Like many other consumers out there, the recent economic climate has caused me to change how I look at recurring expenses, as well as my approach to debt.  For over a year now, I have been eliminating large recurring expenses, decreasing debt, and positioning myself to buy a new house in a hope of one day eliminating my biggest recurring expense, rent.  This new mindset has caused me to also re-evaluate my spending habits, including entertainment.  In recent months, my entertainment spending has been slashed in favor of eliminating debt and increasing my savings.  For me entertainment spending includes the purchasing of new video games and video game consoles.  This is why I do not own a Nintendo Wii U and have been buying less and less games recently.  Hell, my Pile Of Shame, referring to the games that I have purchased and have yet to play, is at the lowest point it's been in decades.
My desire to purchase a new house is why I will, in all likelihood, not be purchasing a Xbox One at launch.  While I am not outright saying this will not happen, the Xbox One, along with the Playstation 4 and the Wii U, may be purchases I make with my tax return next year.  It would be nice to have a bright shiny new video game console to play with, but I think it will be nicer to have a bright shiny new house to call home.  A bright shiny new home that I can fill with all kinds of bright shiny new toys, including the Xbox One.  Untill then, a boy can dream.
Project Buy A House- Saving For A Down Payment: 27% Complete

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Anonymous said...

Nice read Red!

Good luck on saving up for your new home. As much as I would love to get one of the new consoles at launch, I too and looking ahead into Real Life needs more and more now. Trying to save more and stay low on the debt side (besides my hefty School Loans). I am leaning more on picking up a PS4 sometime maybe next year if I can (or Wii U if a new price is announced). No too much feeling what the Xbox One is offering