Volume 11: Part 4- Vierdestad: Introduction

Part 4

Although Vierdestad has a rich history, filled with culture, politics, and education, for the purposes of enlightening people about the current situation going on in Dolore, this introduction will deal with the history of Vierdestad starting in August 2002.  In order to understand the situation going on in Vierdestad at the time Hato Shurtleff reached that city, you must first understand the 2002 Northland Opfer Massacre.
On August 4th, 2002 in the city of Trebyer, three incidents occurred where a group of men stormed into a family's home, killed the occupants of the home and left the home in disarray.  In each of these incidents, the perpetrators tortured, maimed, shot, slashed, hacked up, and killed their victims.  Despite the noise these attacks generated and the emergency calls placed by neighbors while the attacks were happening, no police reported to any of the scenes of these murders.
On August 11th, 2002, four more incidents occurred that matched the incidents on August 4th.  On August 18th, eight incidents occurred.  On August 25th, twelve incidents occurred.  Throughout the month of August in Trebyer, twenty-seven home invasion murders occurred, resulting in the deaths of 147 people.  Each of these incidents either received no response from the police or only a minimal response, meant mostly to keep the public and the press away from the ghastly scene.  The common element in all of these incidents was that the houses that were attacked were the homes of predominantly opfer families and all the people killed were opfer.
Despite the negligence of police and politicians and the condemnation of conservative verbrecher groups, media organizations were dogged about pursuing this case, particularly media organizations from Trebyer and Vierdestad.  There are many aspects of this case that come to light because of the work of journalists like Hanna Dunham and Allison Kirke.  First of all, the name of these incidents, the Northland Opfer Massacre, was christened by the media.  Ballistics testing and the identification of the weapons used in these incidents was done by the media.  Tying the tactics used in these incidents with tactics practiced and used by several verbrecher supremacist groups in and around Trebyer was done by the media.  Finally, getting undercover footage from inside a meeting by one of these verbrecher supremacist groups where they praise the people who did these incidents as "courageous heroes and leaders of a righteous crusade" was done by the media.  Despite all of this information being uncovered by the media, to this point, no judicial or police organization has launched a substantive investigation into the 2002 Northland Opfer Massacre.
In response to these murders and the lack of action by any governmental body, a number of opfer families left Trebyer for other cities, either in Dolore or in neighboring Velas.  Many of those opfer families moved to Vierdestad, a city with an already large and vibrant opfer population.  This opfer population shift caused the small population of verbrechers in Vierdestad to get squeezed out of the city.  As of 2010, when the last Dolorian census was conducted, no families of predominately verbrecher descent were living in Vierdestad.  This is a situation that some verbrechers in Dolore do not like.
Vince Fielding, reporter VBNS

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