High Five Your Ass

Over the Labor Day weekend, a number of websites participated in the leak of a number of illicitly obtained photographs.  These were pictures of a number of high profile female actresses and models, as well as the star pitcher for the Detroit Tigers Justin Verlander, pictured above.  Most of the people in the leaked photos expressed regret over the photos, how they were leaked, and what those photos depicted.  Most, but not all.

Over the weekend, the Tigers played a series of games in Cleveland against the Cleveland Indians.  Not much of a reaction to the photos was seen on Sunday, but Monday was considerably different.  By Monday a number of Verlander's teammates were giving the star pitcher high fives and complimenting him on his physique, most notably his "nice ass".  According to anonymous sources, Justin seemed to take the leak is stride, and even seemed to be joking about it himself.

This seems to be the M.O. when it comes to illicitly obtained photos.  When it comes to women, a lot of shame is expressed despite the women having done nothing wrong.  When it comes to men, the subjects don't seem to mind, and people don't seem to care unless those photos also depict women.  Then again, when's the last time you saw illicitly obtained photos of a man who is unabashedly attractive?

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