Kindergarten Mode

Earlier this week it was reported that a bug inside EA Sports's FIFA 15 made it so that all of the players on the screen, including the goalies and referees, would congregate around the center of the field in one large cluster.  The internet got a huge laugh from the video that was posted of the bug, which is embedded above.  As it turns out there is a legitimate reason for this bug to exist.

When the latest edition of EA Sports's NHL 15 was released, a lot of people criticized the game for the reduced amount of game modes in it, as compared to last year's model.  Consumers especially criticized the game for it not including or reducing such modes as GM Mode, Online Team Play, and the Winter Classic.  As it turns out NHL 15 is not the only sports title recently released that had a number of game modes removed from it.  As revealed on Redditt, deep inside the code for FIFA 15 are references to something called "Kindergarten Mode".

As anybody who has seen very young children attempt to play soccer knows, most of the games involving young children playing soccer quickly devolves into a herd of kids kicking the ball wildly, running into eachother, and then beginning to cry.  Watching young children attempt to play soccer has none of the subtle graces and techniques that are seen in professional soccer, but does feature people running into eachother.  This element of soccer that is rarely seen in professional soccer may be what motivated programmers to create "Kindergarten Mode" in FIFA 15.  We all know that guy who watches NASCAR for the car crashed.  Why not bring that lurid excitement to soccer?

Oh, right, because kids getting hurt isn't funny.  It really isn't funny.  Really.


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