Pointless Advice

This morning I saw a notice in my morning paper, warning me about a new telephone scam that is going around.  Apparently scam artists are calling people saying that they are the IRS, telling people that they owe money in taxes, and fooling people into giving them money.  The article advises people to report unwanted calls of this nature to the FTC and to join the Do Not Call Registry.  There's just one problem with this advice.

I personally have been receiving robocalls from scam artists everyday at my home for several years now.  In fact, I got one of these calls as I was writing this.  These are calls from several different numbers, but all with similar M.O.s.  They call saying their with "Card Holder Services" or from a local alarm company or a medical alarm company or with a home repair company, they never directly give the name of the company, and make me an outstanding offer which has all the appearances of a scam.  These calls never stop.  They don't stop if I ignore them, they don't stop if I tell them not to call, they don't stop if I press whatever button they say is necessary to get them to stop, they don't stop if I swear loudly at the operator, they don't stop if I report them, they don't stop if I diligently and repeatedly report them, they don't stop they don't stop THEY DON'T STOP!

What am I supposed to do?  Nothing works.  These calls don't stop, even if I use the methods that the authorities tell me to utilize.  What am I, and I'm sure millions of others who get these calls every damn day, supposed to do to stop these calls and the people behind them?

Oh, if only.

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