Finally, George W. Bush Does Something Good

Many presidents, after their time in office is done, go on to do good things for the world.  Jimmy Carter is actively building houses for people who are unable to do so for themselves because they are less fortunate and/or lazy.  Bill Clinton's foundation, oddly enough named The Clinton Foundation, is..... wait, what the fuck does The Clinton Foundation do?  And President Reagan spent the final years of his life doing what he did during the final years of his presidency, slowly losing his mind.

President George W. Bush is no different.  In fact President Bush is doing something more substantial than any other president that I can remember, and I can remember a lot because I drink heavily.  President Bush is currently developing a new product that can be used by many people when they are in time of need to vomit.  While I've never had use for this product, I've been told that ipecac can be used to induce vomiting, which is something that you may need to do when you ingest something harmful or poisonous or poisonously harmful.  Over the past couple of years, President Bush has been developing a more sustainable form of ipecac.  This form of vomiting inducing substance isn't something that can be expended through use, and can stay in it's current form in it's current quantity for years, if not in perpetuity, which is a big word that means forever.  The form of ipecac that President Bush is developing is believed to be visual in nature, and an example of a prototype of this form of ipecac can be found here:

Don't look too long, affects of this form of ipecac are severe and sudden.  It is unknown when this new form is ipecac will be available on the market, some people hope never.

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