Normally I Don't Agree With This Guy. But...

Ted Cruz: Don’t turn Internet access into public utility

After President Obama expressed his support for Net Neutrality, Texas Senator Ted Cruz famously said "Net Neutrality" is Obamacare for the Internet". This is a line he later incorporated into a commentary he penned, which is linked at the top. The phrase "Net Neutrality is Obamacare for the internet" is something that I feel is inflammatory, but I tend to say that about anything Ted Cruz says that gets media attention. After reading the commentary he wrote about treating internet access like a public utility, I'd like to look at what he said again but this time take out the Obamacare line as I do so.

In the commentary, Senator Cruz advocates for four basic principles that should guide lawmakers. Those principals are:
  1. Abandoning the idea of taxing internet sales
  2. Dismissing plans to give nations hostile to human rights and democracy more influence over internet policy
  3. Promoting growth in the technological sector by avoiding unnecessary regulation
  4. Recognizing that constitutional rights are digital rights as well

I disagree with Senator Cruz about Net Neutrality. I feel we need to protect smaller businesses and start ups by maintaining Net Neutrality, so that all businesses have an equal footing when it comes to being able to deliver content and services to consumers. However, the other points that Ted Cruz makes right true to me. While I disagree with how the third point should be done, the ideas Senator Cruz expresses are ones that I, as a small government liberal, agree with. It feels weird for me to say this, but I nearly agree with Ted Cruz.

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