I Am In The Wrong Business

Game Revenues of Top 25 Companies up 17%, Totaling $25Bn

What this report from New Zoo has shown me is that I am clearly in the wrong business.  Rather than being a writer, satirist, and potential lunch winner, clearly I need to get into the making and distribution of bar graphs.  Bar graphs are a dynamic way to visualize important information for viewing to a wide audience., and, in our highly visual culture, visualizing information is an integral way that people get information.  Look at this bar graph:

You can tell it's a bar graph because it says "bar graph".

What is this a bar graph of?  What information does it convey?  It doesn't matter!  What does matter is that one bar is bigger than the other bar, and bigger is better because it is bigger and bigger is better.

Bar Graphs: They aren't the wave of the future, they are the wave of now!

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