This. Must. End.

Gaming is the least welcoming online venue for women

But Pew survey points to social media as the most common venue for online harassment

Last week, someone posted my home address on Twitter and threatened to gang rape me. Two days after I posted about GamerGate. ?


Anonymous said...

#stopislam because some Muslims murder and threaten others, so that must mean since they claim to be part of Islam, all Muslims must be stopped, regardless of what Islam represents for all the non-offenders! #supresswhatyoudontlikebasedonextremistsactions

Hunter Red said...

Islam has advocates and leaders that show the good works and positive impact that the religion has. What good works and positive impact does GamerGate have? Are such works possible in light of the movements overwhelmingly negative image?

Also, I put my name and reputation behind what I say. Why don't you?