The Daily Show With Tom Daily

There's something I saw on The Daily Show With Tom Daily last night that I find distressing.

A Shot In The Dark
Samantha Bee attempts to uncover statistics about the excessive use of lethal force by the police, only to discover that this data is mysteriously nonexistent. (7:09)

No.  Well, yes, the lack of tracking of police shooting statistics is distressing to me, but I meant something I saw later.

Look at Wyatt Cenac's hair, taken from the cover of his limited release album Brooklyn.  Look at it!

Look at Wyatt's hair and beard (lower right hand corner of the only good photo of his appearance on The Daily Show that I can find right now), LOOK AT IT!  Why can't I make my hair look like that?  I'd love to have my hair be big and bushy and BIG!  Seriously, someone tell me how to do this.

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