Details Annouced For Dance Hero

On September 27th, it was found that Activision had trademarked the name "Dance Hero". To this point, few details have been released on this game. Now, we here at the Redertainment News Network (RNN) have recieved exclusive details on this highly anticipated game. We present this to you here.

First of all, Dance Hero will not be a DDR knockoff. Activision chief Robert Kotick said, "While Dance Dance Revolution is a popular game, it does not hit the wide audience we strive to reach with every game we put out." Instead, Dance Hero will incorporate a number of different dance styles. From tap to ballet, from the foxtrot to swing dancing to dirty dancing. This will be accomplished by way of a new peripheral, a six foot by six foot free form dancepad that when not in use doubles as an area rug. This dancepad will feature no buttons, a soft cotton top, and a design that can be customized to match that carpet your parents bought on an acid trip.

In addition to the gameplay and the dancepad peripheral, details have been given to us about the boss stages. Here are several of them:

A stage set in a Cold War era Russian auditorium against renowned Russian ballet star Rudolf Nureyev.

A boss battle on the set of "Singing In The Rain" against Gene Kelly.

A boss battle on the set of Bright Eyes against Shirley Temple.

A boss battle on the Sesame Street set against Savion Glover.

And, in our last exclusive boss battle annoucement, a stage set in a summer camp in the Catskill Mountains against Patrick Swayze.

A release date has not been set for Dance Hero. However when it is released, expect Christian Coalition Corporation groups to object strongly to Dance Hero, because, as we all know, dancing is akin to satanism.

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