Nintendo Super Wii Confirmed

Like all of the other next-gen systems, rumors of the successor to the Nintendo Wii have been going around since the console's release. Some have even joked, "The next Nintendo platform, the Urinate, will consist of three Gamecubes duct taped together." Gamers have been crying out for a true next-gen high-def console from Nintendo, however Nintendo has seemingly ignored them. Nintendo has seemingly taken a cue from Capcom's latest release Mega Man 9. At this weeks Tokyo Game Show, Nintendo unveiled to the public their next console: The Nintendo Super Wii.

Among other features, the Nintendo Super Wii has a 16 bit core, can output 32768 colors, and has a 16 bit stereo output. The Super Wii does feature an internal storage of 8 GB, equal to the size of the hard drive in the original Xbox. The Super Wii is not expected to have online capabilities, but that may change depending on whether or not the internet can be purged of all content not suitable for children. My guess would be no.

Reaction from the gaming public has been mixed. AGISoundboard has been quoted as saying, "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT!!!" ArvicolinaeLemmini said, "I love Nintendo and all that it does. I look forward to once again putting on my PJs, getting some cereal, and playing Super Mario all day long. Just like I did 20 years ago, in the same house too!" And finally, IHEART360 said, "Nintendo? Fuck that! I look forward to the day that Nintendo collapses, Microsoft buy them, and they release a game where i can use Master Chief to ruthlessly slaughter that bitch Mario. All hail Xbox!!!"

The Nintendo Super Wii is expected to be released in time for Holiday 2009, however, given Nintendo's track record, it will probably be readily available in Spring 2011.

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