I received a text message on Friday telling me a very special product had been made available. So I got in my car, ran down to my local independent record store (Graywhale), and got three things.

The first is this:

Keane- Perfect Symmetry
This is a band that I've been in to for a while now. I plan to listen to it at work on Saturday.

The second is...

Nightmare Revisited
I bought this because there's a Korn song on the CD, and I LOVE KORN!!!

The third is this:

Little Big Planet for PS3
That's right. I got one of the most hotly anticipated games for the PS3 on the Friday before the street date. Not pirated, not a beta, a totally legit and complete copy of the game. Just goes to show the value of frequenting your local independent record store. Sometimes you can get cool shit like this. Hahahahah!!!

So, what do I think of it? I can't tell you because I haven't played it yet! That's the great thing about buying games, you can take your sweet time getting around to playing it. I'll probably get around to playing it on Sunday though, so come look for me when you finally get your copy.

PSN Name: Redertainment

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