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Solicitation For Identification Assistance

I am looking some help in identifying a commercial that ran on USA Network.  The commercial in question ran on Monday, July 30th, at approximately 12:36 A.M., during an episode of Political Animals, episode title "The Woman Problem".  The commercial in question features Bay Buchanan, Senior Advisor at Romney For America, and the video appears to be taken from an appearance she made on CNN's "The Situation Room".  The audio in this commercial is completely distorted, none of the words that are being said are audible, all that is heard in this commercial is choppy static.  I am unable to idenfity on what date the video is taken from, but the graphic that appears directly beneath Bay Buchanan reads "ROMNEY AD: OBAMA "DOESN'T TELL THE TRUTH".

This is a commercial I've seen several times before.  However, I seem to be unable to find any information about it.  I've dug around online and cannot even find any chatter about it.

Can you help me in identifying who is responsible for this commercial, or point me in the direction of somebody who can?  Any help in this matter will be appreciated.

Harry O'Keefe
Recently, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made some accusations about Mitt Romney's taxes.  These accusations have resulted in Sen. Reid receiving a lot of criticism from press, pundits, fellow politicians, and random people on Twitter.
These accusations center on an anonymous claim by a Bain Capital investor that Mitt Romney had not paid any taxes for a ten year period.  These accusations were made in a phone call to Sen. Reid's congressional office.
Most of the pundits criticizing Sen. Reid have focused on the absurd nature of these allegations, as well as the anonymity of the source of the allegations.  While I too have problems with these allegations, my problems do not lie directly with Senator Reid.  They lie with the caller.  Does anyone remember Jimmy O'Keefe?
Jimmy O'Keefe is a self described journalist, antagonist, and real life satirist.  On multiple occasions, Jimmy O'Keefe has released videos that have shown Democratic politicians, and other liberal activists, in a negative light.  These videos were procured using methods that many call underhanded, unfair, and criminal.
The last time I remember hearing of Mr. O'Keefe was when he tried to film unflattering videos at the Occupy Wall Street protests that occurred last year.  What has Jimmy O'Keefe been doing since then?  Who else has he inspired?  What other self styles satirists exist out there that would use tactics similar to Jimmy O'Keefe's?
Harry Reid's accusations don't pass the smell test to me.  This is not because I don't believe the substance of them, although I must admit the substance of them seem completely absurd to me.  The source of the accusations are suspect to me.  It is my honest belief that someone could call up Senator Reid's Congressional Office, pass themselves off as a Bain Capital investor, and tell the Senator's office things that they then would tell the media about.  Harry Reid wouldn't be the first sitting politician to be pranked like this.
Unless the person making these accusations comes forward with substantive proof that what he is saying is true, I am forced to conclude that these accusations are false.  Of course, all of these allegations could be easily cleared up if Mitt Romney would release his tax forms to the press.  Those forms could prove these allegations to be entirely ales and serve as a major embarrassment to Senator Reed and the Democratic Party.

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