Volume 11: Part 1- Moenia Prima: Monday, January 24th, 3:33 P.M.

Monday, January 24th, 3:33 P.M.
            My little circle of friends has been growing recently.  This isn’t a new thing, it ebbs and flows as we start dating people then break up with them.  The difference now is that my little circle is as big as it’s ever been.  Everyone has their own boyfriend or girlfriend that they bring along when we go eat, when we go hang out, when we go piss off verbrecher shopkeepers down the street, or whatever.  Everyone has their own person who they’ve added to the group.  Everyone but me.
            It’s not that I don’t want a girlfriend, I’d very much like to have one.  It’s just that I don’t think anyone is interested in me.  The verbrecher girls sure aren’t, being revolted by anyone or anything opfer is practically bred into them.  The opfer girls might be interested… if I didn’t hang out with Sparra.  That guy is just so damn sexy.  Any time I’m talking with a girl I’m sort of interested in the topic inevitably turns toward Sparra.  Even when he’s not around, it’s always Sparra Sparra Sparra.
            Delany did offer to try to hook me up with a girl from her Math class.  She said this girl would be perfect for me, but she didn’t offer up any reasons why.  The concept of Delany hooking me up with girls would be great if I weren’t really into Delany.  It’s hard listening to Delany describe a girl in her class who I might be into without saying “I’m into you.”
            Perhaps things will get better for me romantically once I get into college.  I submitted my applications today to Dolore University, Vierdestad Tech, and Moenia Prima Community College.  Dolore is kind of a long shot, I’m not really up for moving to Trebyer anyway.  I’ll probably get into Vierdestad Tech anyway.  Hopefully Sparra and Delany will join me there.  Wanda is hoping and praying she’ll get into Community College, which is odd seeing as she’s told me on several occasions how she REALLY wants to get out of this town.
            Hopefully everything will go well and I’ll be going to college this fall.  Maybe I’ll meet the girl of my dreams at college and we’ll have one of those storybook romances they make movies out of.  Not pornographic movies, real ones.
Hato Shurtleff

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