Volume 11: Part 1- Moenia Prima: Friday, April 29th, 6:56 P.M.

Friday, April 29th, 6:56 P.M.
            Ever since I got the rejection letter from Moenia Prima Community College, my parents have been bugging me about going out and getting a job.  To this point I’ve blown them off.  Today that changed.  This change didn’t happen because I felt it was necessary.  This change happened because my father felt it was necessary.  Actually, my father told me it was necessary.  My Dad sat me down and sternly said to me, “Hato, you’re going out there and you’re finding a job, because if you’re not working or going to school, you’re out of here.  Do you understand that?”  Yes, I did understand that.
            I spent the afternoon looking through the want ads and filling out job applications.  This was a completely enjoyable experience that was made all the better by my Dad being around and checking up on my progress every half minute.  Really.
            There is one part of this process that I find disturbing.  More disturbing than my Dad getting angry, which he rarely does.  When I filled out the application for the position of office assistant at Barrett Copeland and Reno, I was asked for my race.  This wasn’t buried deep in questions like “What do you feel is your best quality?”  This was the second question I was asked to answer, right after “What is your name?”  Why the fuck was I asked this question?  What kind of difference does my race make?  Are you going to tell me that a verbrecher with the same educational experience as me can do a better job than me?  No fucking way.
            I know that employees can ask this question.  I know that there’s no law that says they can’t ask me what my race is.  My point is this:  Just because you can do something, does that mean you should do something?  I mean, just because I can fill my Hipster with pirated music, movies, and programs, does that mean that I should do it?  Well, I already do pirate all of those things, but it’s wrong for me to do so, and I fully expect someday for consequences to come down upon me.  That’s assuming anybody does find out that I’m a pirate, which they won’t, unless I’m too caviler and begin boasting about my mammoth music collection.  By the way, I am now in possession of every Moral Threat song ever released, and some that haven’t been released.
            Back to my point, in the time since I’ve submitted my applications I’ve received some replies.  Four of them were not rejections, in fact those four want to interview me.  Three of them are in the next two weeks, while the fourth is right after I graduate.  The Postal Service job looks the most promising seeing as Sparra already works there.  The Warrior Technological job is kind of a long shot, but I knew that when I applied.  I’m already not looking forward to my interview at Barrett, Copeland, and Reno.  I’ll probably keep the Mattison interview just in case the three before it fall through.  I have no idea what Mattison is, I’ll look them up after I’m done with this entry.
Things are kind of looking up.  Seems like things are on an upswing.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find the new Dramatica CD online.  Hopefully Dad won’t choose this particular half minute to look over my shoulder.
Hato Shurtleff

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