Volume 11: Part 1- Moenia Prima: Introduction

Part 1
Moenia Prima

            Settled by fur trappers in the year 1844, the city of Moenia Prima served as a resting point for travels making their way between Dha Chathair and Trebyer.  Later on, Moenia Prima served as a haven for people who wanted to escape the increasing influence of religion that came as a result of Dha Chathair’s population explosion in 1863.
            Moenia Prima experienced a population boom when a facility that manufactured products for the Dolorian military was built in 1980.  With the population boom came a diversification of the city’s residents.  This resulted in an increase in the opfer population in Moenia Prima, going from 11% of the total population in 1975 to 37% in 1984, with verbrechers making up the other 63%.
            Like many other locations in Dolore, the increase of opfers in Moenia Prima correlated with an increase in crime.  Many media figures in Moenia Prima, as well as several politicians, blamed the increase in crime on the opfers.  This is despite much of the increase being driven by a sharp and sustained increase in crimes being committed by young verbrechers.
            The scapegoating of opfers lead to an increase in tensions between the majority verbrechers and the minority opfers.  The tensions resulted in the Isotopia Riots in 1993.  Despite the riots going on for four days and resulting in nearly thirty-five million Valore in damages, no substantial progress was made in quelling these tensions.
            Before the situation currently going on in Dolore flared up, the last Dolorian census, conducted in 2010, estimated the population of Moenia Prima to be 83,112.
Vince Fielding, reporter VBNS

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