Volume 11: Part 2- Dha Chathair: Sunday, October 2nd, 12:02 P.M.

Sunday, October 2nd, 12:02 P.M.
When my family and I went to church in Moenia Prima, we would often see the oddest people there.  There was the Behnke family, who even the tallest among them was no taller than Sakoshi.  There were the Dinos who, for a reason I never bothered to understand, felt it was appropriate to wear sports jerseys and facepaint to church.  Finally there were the Ramseyers who's dad was a verbrecher.  Apparently the parade of oddities extends to the third branch of the Church of the Holy God in Dha Chathair.  This morning at church I saw the girl with the dark energy.
After the service was over, I talked a bit with Sam.  Considering how hard he's been pushing on the harvest, the first thing we talked about was not what I expected to be pressing on his mind.
"Hey Hato."
"Sam, what's up."
"You know anyone who's into Dramatica?"
I should have replied that I had only been there for a week and a half, so I don't know that many people.  However, the adoration I have for Dramatica made me say, "Yes, I am into Dramatica."
"Great.  One of the shopkeepers we provide lettuce to also runs a concert venue.  She gave me tickets for the Dramatica show next Tuesday.  You want them?"
I could hardly contain my excitement.  "Yes!  I do, please."
Sam got a chuckle from my reaction.  "Allright then, they're yours.  Maybe you can take that girl you've had your eye on all today."
A mixture of shock and shame went through my body when Sam said that.  I had no idea that my attraction to the girl with the dark energy was that blatant.  "Oh.  Um.  I guess- I mean-"
Sam got another chuckle from my reaction.  "Ha ha ha.  Don't stress about it.  You're young, it's natural to be entranced by the opposite sex."
I took a deep breath, laughed along with Sam, and said, "By the way, you don't happen to know her name, do you?"
Sam looked at me oddly in reaction to this question.  "You don't know her name?  Have you not talked to this girl?"
"No, I haven't."
Sam closed his eyes and shook his head in shame.  "Rinoa.  Rinoa Ann."
Rinoa Ann.  That sounds nice.  Now I just have to talk to her.  Damn it.
Hato Shurtleff

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