Volume 11: Part 2- Dha Chathair: Tuesday, October 4th, 8:03 P.M.

Tuesday, October 4th, 8:03 P.M.
For the past couple of days, Spiker has been pointing this great work of vigilantism and government whistleblowing that he, and only he, was going to tell the world about.  Spiker also said that the people responsible for this work were dutiful and faithful patriots, who were only concerned with restoring and maintaining the one and only truth.  Finally, today, Spiker revealed this work.
Spiker opened his show sitting behind his desk, with the image of the Dolore national flag behind him.  "Hello, my friends.  For a couple of days, I and my friends here at Sly 7 have been telling you of this work.  A work that we, and only we here at Sly 7 and the Spiker Sullivan Show, have been made aware of.  However, before we reveal this great work to you, my friends, there is something I feel motivated to address.
"Ever since I informed people of the existence of this work, and my intentions to make it know to the good people of Dha Chathair, myself and many various people at Sly 7 have received messages about it.  Most of these messages have been positive, but a small number have been negative.  These negative messages accuse of sensationalizing this work, and that this work will amount to nothing but a publicity stunt.  That assertion is false.  The reason we waited to reveal this great work to you, our fine outstanding viewers, is that we needed time to verify.  We here at the Spiker Sullivan Show and Sly 7 needed to verify that the information contained in this great work was accurate and true.  It's not that we don't trust the brave patriots who did this great work, it's that we know there are people who would do the  good, honest patriots who did this great work harm.  These people seek to embarrass and silence those who know of and proudly proclaim that which is true.  We know who these people are, just like all of the faithful know who these people are, and we need to be vigilant untill they day comes when they realize the awesome scope of their failure to recognize that which is true.
"Now, my friends, the work."  With that phrase the image behind Spiker changed from the Dolore national flag to text.  Black text on a white background.  It was hard for me to real all of the text because of how much was there and the size at which it was displayed, but I could tell the text contained names, ages, and addresses.  "This, my friends, is a list compiled by two workers at the office of the Dolore Division of Employment Services in Dha Chathair.  This list was compiled by comparing residents who self identify as members of the Church of the Holy God on the social network Flight with people who have sought the services of the Division of Employment Services.  These are the people that I've been talking about for nearly all the time I have been talking to you, my friends.  These are the people who are deceived by the false truth.  These are the people who lead an aberrant and repugnant lifestyle.  And, now we know, thanks to the efforts of these brave, patriotic public servants, that these people are leeches.  These people are leeches, not just on the constant moral construct of our society, but also on the government paid for by you, my friends.
"Now we, the good upstanding moral majority in this city, thanks to the great work of a pair of patriotic public servants, know who exactly these leeches are.  We know who they are, where they work, and where they live.  We know who they are, and now we can bring the one and only truth to their very doorstep.  Praise be to the Lord, the one and only son of God.
"We'll be back after these messages."
What Spiker Sullivan had been promoting for several days was a list.  A list of every member of the Church of the Holy God who had publicly acknowledged themselves as being so.  This is a list of their names, addresses, workplaces, and much more of their private personal information.  Finally, this list was compiled by people in a position in the government, in a position of trust.  That is outrageous!  That is fucking outrageous!  For this list to exist and for Spiker, and presumably the people behind the news organization he works for, to promote this list as a good thing offends me in a way that makes me physically ill.  I can only hope that someone in that community that has influence over them stands up and tells them that what they are doing is wrong.  It will take someone in their community saying this for it to stick, because clearly they do not give a rat's ass about anybody outside of it.  If they did, the list would not exist.
Hato Shurtleff

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