ICBM: Inadequacy Caused By Microsoft

For a while I've been feeling inadequate as a satirist.  This feeling was caused by a series of articles written by Matt Taibbi for Rolling Stone about the collapse of the banking industry.  My feelings of inadequacy was tempered by the fact that at least the video game industry wasn't doing things that, as I read about them, made me say "This is real.  This is not fiction.  This is actually happening."  Then I saw this.

Microsoft Actually Considered These Idiotic Names for the Xbox

This article contains a list of names considered for the new Xbox console.  These names include MAXMARZEHQ, and VERV.  Yes, VERV, which stood for "Virtual Entertainment & Reality Venture".  Not only does this seem like a joke to me, this seems like a joke I would write.  Now I feel really inadequate, both as a satirist and as a human being.  I wonder if there is anything that could help me feel worthwhile at this moment.
Wrong kind of pussy pic.

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