Volume 11: Part 4- Vierdestad: Wednesday, October 26th, 3:31 P.M.

Wednesday, October 26th, 3:31 P.M.
Yesterday, when I did my osher exercises after my failed shopping experience with Grace, I found a nice little park just outside of the main shopping center of Vierdestad.  A nice little patch of nature with large, leafy trees, soft plastic playground equipment, and lots of sunshine.  The park serves as a great environment to practice the skills people use to hide, evade, and kill people.  Sure, this place is also a great place for kids to play, but places can serve multiple purposes.
When you begin any osher exercise, whether you plan to work on something small or something large, the first thing you do is meditate.  You sit on the ground, close your eyes, and scrub.  You scrub your mind of all thoughts, distractions, pressures, anxieties, stresses, expectations, all of it.  You scrub and scrub and scrub untill your mind is a clear slate.  I know how this ritual works after having it drubbed into my head by my Dad.  Therefore, the first thing I did when I set out to do my osher exercises is meditate.  However today I was unable to do so.  I was unable to clear my mind.  Distractions kept on entering it.  Distractions from one source.
It was a bright sunny day today.  Like any other bright sunny day at any other park, parents brought their kids out to play.  All over the park were joyous, exuberant, and otherwise loud children.  Like ants pouring out of an anthill, there were dozens of kids scurrying on, over, underneath, and through every inch of this park.  Many times during my attempts to meditate, I was interrupted by a child or a group of children running past me, screaming aloud as they did so.
Usually when things like this happen I get very annoyed.  Usually I look at all these loud screaming kids and my feelings of rage start to rise.  Today that didn't happen.  Today I was not annoyed by these kids.  Instead, I looked at those kids enjoying themselves and I smiled.  These kids enjoying themselves made me happy.  Not only that, for the first time that I can remember, I can see myself having kids of my own.  Weird.
Hato Shurtleff

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