Volume 11: Part 4- Vierdestad: Thursday, October 27th, 8:19 A.M.

Thursday, October 27th, 8:19 A.M.
Considering how the military is all about making that soldier say and do the right thing in the right way, you'd figure one of the things the higher brass would do is be on time.  Unfortunately, it appears Commander Lider doesn't see the need to be on time.  Commander Lider doesn't seem to understand that if you are not ON TIME people will end up waiting for you.  And if you keep on not being ON TIME then people will have to wait for you again and again and fucking again.
Seriously, Lider, what the fucking hell!  Ushtar isn't late like this.  He's been downstairs in the lobby of The Redford every morning without fail.  Sure it's only been three days, but Ushtar's three for three.  Lider is fucking zero for everything.
On our way over here, Ushtar was obsessing about trains again.  He was talking about wanting to see a working locomotive at a station in town.  There's a certain endearing quality to Ushtar's obsession over trains, except for one thing.  I've seen Grace.  How can a man be obsesses with trains when he's got someone like Grace?
Sitting in this waiting room waiting for a leader, again, makes me think about how much I'd rater be doing anything else.  Anything.  Anything!  Including listening to Ushtar talk endlessly about trains.  This is because hearing Ushtar talk about trains is at least something.  Something is at least something, which is better than the fucking nothing I'm hearing from Lider right now.  Fucking nothing from fucking Lider.  Fuck.
Hato Shurtleff

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