As a self identified satirist, the kind of satire I go for is straight-faced satire.  This is the kind of satire that is told in such a convincing manner that you don't know whether it's real or not.  This can involve slight exaggerations, connections between people that, while reasonable, are false, and other forms of creative fiction, otherwise known as lying.  I also appreciate when this kind of satire is deftly pulled off by others.  This can also create problems.  Sometimes I read something that I think sound completely reasonable, but also contains slight exaggerations that could make it satire.  Slight exaggerations can happen organically in our society, just follow the local politics in your area for examples of that, but deft satirists can make it so that slight exaggerations of facts, people, and situations can be seen as alone could not happen but collectively are completely reasonable, even sometimes expected.

I Wrote an Amazon Bestseller in a Week

I legitimately cannot tell if this is satire or not.  If it is, bravo John Blumenthal for pulling off some great satire.  If it isn't, bravo John Blumenthal for actually being a successful self published writer on Amazon, something that I have yet to accomplish.

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