Staycation, All I've Ever Wanted

Since I'm not taking a formal vacation this year, I have a lot of leave time saved up from work.  I could use this time to go to a concert or other event, but that would require me to increase my entertainment budget, which is something I'm not doing as a pursue Project Buy A House.  I could stay home.  There's a lot of good TV that I have on my DVR, my Media PC is filled with movies, and I have books that I own but have never actually read.  I could take a week, or two, and indulge myself with all of the different forms of media that I have at my disposal.  I don't even have to curl up with a nice bottle of booze, the books will be intoxicating enough.  Staycations never really appealed to me before, but they seem to now.

Anti-gay group plans Salt Lake conference in 2015

I have my eye on late October 2015 for my staycation.  Something tells me there's something I want to stay in town in order to see.  Hopefully it won't be snowing hard at that time.  Snow makes protests difficult.

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