Buttars Must Go!

There's about forty-five days a year that I seriously think about leaving the state of Utah, those are the forty-five days that the Utah State Legislature is in session. The politicians who claim to represent the people of Utah are an utter embarrassment and represent the worst of this state. The man pictured above is the worst of these politicians. Utah State Senator Chris Buttars

Buttars: Gays 'greatest threat to America'

I've written blog posts against Chris Buttars in the past, and I feel if he is not removed from office that I will do so again and again. If Chris Buttars does not resign or is forced out of office, I promise to work within the system to remove this embarrassment once and for all. I will campaign for his opponent, no matter who it is. I will give my time, give my money, I just might even join the Utah Democratic Party if that is what it will take.

No longer can I tolerate the utter unapologetic hatred Chris Buttars spews on a daily basis. Chris Buttars must go!

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Chino Blanco said...

Proof that Chris Buttars is a liar: