Skate 2 Review

When I was a kid, I was a short, gooffy looking, glasses wearing, red headed, dork. Needless to say, elementary school was not fun. I would get picked on, shoved around, made fun of, and receive other forms of school yard torture on a daily basis. When I ascended from elementary school to junior high, I thought this would end. I was wrong.

In my junior high, there were many various cliques, none of which I belonged to. One of these cliques was "The Skaters". The Skaters called themselves that because if they said what they really were, that would arouse the suspicion of the school police. What this group really were was a group of Straightedgers who happen to skate.

In other parts of the county, Straightedgers are calm, peaceful people who live an ultra clean lifestyle. In Utah, Straightedgers are a violent, militant street gang who live an ultra clean lifestyle. Straightedgers in Utah are usually members of the LDS Church, Mormons, who have a problem with anyone who doesn't follow the teaching of the LDS Church. Usually these problems end in violent assaults that the SLCPD typically ignores.

The Skaters in my school were Straightedgers. The Skaters were aware of my presence. I was a coffee drinking, heavy metal listening, atheist. The Skaters fucked me up often. As a result, I have a long standing grudge against Skaters and Straightedgers. When CM Punk lost the World Heavyweight Title, I cheered loudly. I watch the X Games to see epic brutal crashes. I hate Labrador Retrievers. That has nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to say it.

The other day, I recieved Skate 2 via Gamefly. I spent all of that day setting up my avatar to fall, and fall hard. It was AWESOME! Skate 2 is the most fun game I've played this year. Not the best, the most fun.

Skate 2: B-

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