Volume 11: Part 1- Moenia Prima: Wednesday, September 21st, 8:38 P.M.

Wednesday, September 21st, 8:38 P.M.
Sparra explained to me once how the Dolore Federal Postal Service works.  He said, "When mail is sent out, first it goes to a central mail processing center, located in every major city.  If the mail is addressed to a city served by that facility, the mail is processed in house.  If the mail is addressed to a city served by a different facility, the mail is sent, by plane or truck, to that facility to be processed."
Even though that conversation had nothing to do with what we were talking about at the time, it was a great help to me now.  Now I know what I have to do to get to Dha Chathair.  All I have to do is sneak into a secure Dolore Federal Postal Service facility, get into the back of an outgoing truck, hide myself in said truck, and catch a free ride to where I want to go.  That sounds difficult, but it is really easy for someone highly trained in the art of osher.  It's also easy for someone who's friend let them into the facility and while they were in there they spent time studying the facility's layout.
Getting inside a secure federal facility is usually difficult.  Key cards to get in, fences topped with razor wire, and motion sensitive lights make the building incredibly imposing.  However, if your employees fiddle with a door so that they don't have to unlock a door every time they want to take a smoke break, that creates a major hole in your security.  After I got in, I had to make sure that no one would spot me as I made my way over to the outbound delivery trucks.  The big halogen lights that hang in the roof of the facility would have made this hard if all of them had been on.  Fortunately, as a cost saving measure, most of the big lights were turned off, allowing the facility to be light with much less expensive natural light.  I snuck into the facility at about dusk, giving me a lot of long dark shadows to conceal myself in.
The biggest obstacle I had to overcome was which truck I would hide in.  Obviously the trucks weren't labeled with which city they were going to, so I thought I was going to have to either listen to the driver's conversations or guess.  As I was scanning the transportation area, I found a large board with many pieces of paper on it.  On these papers were all the trucks, where they were going, and when exactly they were leaving.  So, that took the guess work out of what I thought was my biggest obstacle.  This whole thing was so easy I was sure I was walking into a trap.
Once I got into the correct truck going toward my desired destination, I found a pair of shelves on either side of the truck.  I found myself a place on the highest shelf where I felt I wouldn't be discovered.  Upon reflection this was an unreasonable assumption, but it worked.  As the truck pulled out of the postal facility and on its way to its destination, I said a silent prayer.  Hopefully God will shine on my and his hand will guide me in my mission to save my people.  I don't know what God has in store for me and the rest of the people in Dolore, but I pray it's better than what's just happened.
Hato Shurtleff

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