Volume 11: Part 2- Dha Chathair: Introduction

Part 2
Dha Chathair

Founded in 1847, the city of Dha Chathair was originally settled to capitalize on the fertile lands that fill this area of Dolore.  After the discovery of oil deposits in nearby Cookland, the population of Dha Chathair exploded between the years 1859 and 1872, increasing from 5,790 to 91,827.  The population of Dha Chathair has continues to climb steadily ever since.  Before the situation currently going on in Dolore flared up, the last Dolorian census, conducted in 2010, estimated the population of Dha Chathair to be 1,110,046.
With the influx of people came an influx of ministers, bishops, preachers, and other clergyman who sought to spread the word of their faith.  Over time, the predominant religion in Dha Chathair became The Church of the Holy God.  A dispute over the focal point of the faith caused a fracturing in 1910, leading to the establishment of The Church Of The Lord, The One And Only Son Of God.  Just seven years later, The Church Of The Lord, The One And Only Son Of God became the dominant religion in Dha Chathair, both in membership and prevalence among politicians and other powerful persons.
Dha Chathair boasts a robust economy with many heavy players in the defense and banking industries being headquartered in one of the city's high rise buildings.  In addition, the high population of people under the age of twenty-five leads to a strong educational sector.  The prevalence of religious people also leads to a high number of faith based companies being centered in Dha Chathair.
Starting in about 1983, Dha Chathair started to become a media center in Dolore.  With three news organizations, four daily newspapers, and two twenty-four hour cable news organizations based in the city, Dha Chathair stands as the central hub for news in Dolore.  The biggest news source in Dha Chathair is Untitled Corporation.  Untitled Corporation is the owner, publisher, and distributer of The Dha Chathair Times, the largest newspaper in Dolore, The Financial Times, a spinoff of the Dha Chathair Times that focuses on financial news, and Sly 7, a twenty-four hour cable news channel.  Despite criticism of being biased in favor of conservatives, or perhaps because if it's bias, Sly 7 is the leading news channel on cable, averaging 55% of the total audience who is watching news.
The demographic breakdown of the population of Dha Chathair is very similar to the rest of Dolore.  71% of the population of Dha Chathair is verbrecher, while 29% is opfer.  Although, much like the rest of Dolore, the percentage of the population that identifies as opfer has been increasing over the past decade.
There is an aspect of the racial demographic that plays a role in the situations currently going on in Dolore.  Amongst citizens who identify as members of The Church Of The Lord, The One And Only Son Of God, 93% are verbrecher while 7% are opfer.  Amongst citizens who identify as members of the Church of the Holy God, 68% are opfer while 32% are verbrecher.
Vince Fielding, reporter VBNS

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