Can I Dance To This? (YES YOU CAN!!!)

Can I Play It? 

Recently I've been playing Dragon Age Origins and have found that game to be a pleasantly enjoyable experience.  I played through the campaign included in the initial release and all of the DLC that was released for Dragon Age Origins.  Since I enjoyed this game, I wanted to play it's sequel, Dragon Age 2.
I found three different versions of Dragon Age 2 for sale on Amazon: 360, PS3 and PC.  Among them, the PC was the cheapest, so I was interested in buying that version.  However, before I actually bought the game, a question came up that often comes up when I consider purchasing a PC game.  Can I run this on my laptop?
This is not a question that I have to deal with when purchasing a Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 game.  I can just go to the store buy a game for 360 or PS3, put it in, and play it no questions asked.  This is not something I can do with a PC game.  I always question whether or not my laptop can play any piece of software that I buy.  This is why I am not really a PC gamer.
Due to my active pursuit of buying a house, I have become more conscious of what things cost.  If I can save a dollar or a couple of cents, I do it.  The PC version of Dragon Age 2 was about two dollars cheaper than the PS3 version of the game.  However, if I buy a game on PC that I cannot play, it's like throwing money down the drain.  As I was looking that the retail listing for Dragon Age 2, I was wishing that there was one button I could push on the retail page that would do a check to see if I could run the software I wanted to buy before I actually bought it.
Like many other times in my life, I voiced this frustration on the internet bitch forum, otherwise known as Twitter.  Unlike most times when I complain about things and no one responds, someone had an answer for my problem.
TigerClaw, pictured above, turned me on to a website called Can You Run It.  This is a website that help you to know if you can run a piece of software on your laptop.  You just choose which software you want to know if you can run, press one button, and, after a quick check of your hardware, it tells you if you can or cannot run the software and why or why not.
So I used Can You Run It to see if I could run Dragon Age 2, and as it turns out I can't.  Yes, I cannot run the game I wanted to buy on my laptop.  While this knowledge is slightly depressing, at least now I know.  I know for a certainty whether or not I can run Dragon Age 2 on my laptop, which I can't.  With one question answered, that leaves me with another.
Why isn't this included in Steam or Origin?  Why can't I do a simple one button check of my hardware on Steam or Origin like I can on Can I Run It to see if I can run a video game I want to buy?  PC games would become a more enticing option to me if there was a simple way to see if I can run the game or not, and what is more simpler than a one button check on the retail page for the game?  This seems, at least to me, to be a basic, simple, consumer friendly thing to do.
Again, thanks to TigerClaw for turning me on to Can You Run It.  Now I know just how much my laptop sucks.

Red Review: Amanda Palmer- Theater Is Evil
I'm listening to the new Amanda Palmer album, Theater Is Evil, as I type this.  I want to stop typing this and resume dancing.  Not kidding.  Earlier today I got a snocone for free, and as I was walking through a parking lot, listening to the delicate piano work and peppy guitar riffs on this CD, I started to

Hold on, a piano solo just kicked in.  Bliss.

Anyway, as I was walking nearer to my car, I started dancing.  Granted, it was just jumping up and down to the beat, but it was dancing to me.  Danc

Piano solo.  Aaah.

Anyway, I was dancing so loose and free in the way that I wanted.  No one was directing me to.  In fact, I'm pretty sure some guy

The hook to Massachusetts Avenue just kicked in.  I don't know what that instrument is, but it is so damn cool.

Anyway, some guy gave me a dirty look because I was jumping around like an insane person, but I don't care.  I don't care what other people thought of me, I was througlly enjoying myself, just as I am now typing up this review.  In fact, I want to stop typ

The hook just kicked in again.

Anyway, I want to stop typing and go back to being awash in the bliss that Theatre Is Evil is providing me.
Amanda Palmer- Theatre Is Evil: A+

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