Just Do It

Just Do It
There was a discussion that was had on Episode 109 of the R9Cast that I'd like to give an opinion on.  The hosts of the show, Bridgette and Esgee, were discussing the language that should be used on their show.  Esgee's opinion was that the people on the show should be free to use any kind of language they want, even if that language is considered unclean to some people.  Bridgette's opinion was that they should try to make a clean show that "everybody can enjoy."  The discussion between the two hosts became quite acrimonious and went on throughout the entire show.
My viewpoint on language lies somewhere in the middle.  Bridgette's viewpoint of using language that "everyone can enjoy" is something that irks me.  When I hear the phrase "something everything can enjoy" I interpret that thing as being sanitized to the point where it has lost all it's meaning.  Whenever I hear something is "family friendly" "wholesome" or "clean", I interpret that as being boring.
There are people who effort to produce content that is clean while also producing content that is interesting.  Such is the case with me and my approach to The Black Robin Christmas Carol.  The language used in that book is, unlike any of my other work, devoid of any swear words.  In fact, the harshest word that is used in that book is "bimbo", a word a hesitated to use.  My approach to the language used in this book was not influenced by market forces, societal demands, or my religious beliefs.  The language that was used, or not used, in The Black Robin Christmas Carol was a decision I made.  I made the decision because of how I felt that a story of that nature should be handled and how that story should be articulated.
When I released The Black Robin Christmas Carol I did not make a big deal about there not being any language that people may view as objectionable.  If you look back at the statements, blog posts, and annoying inferences I've made to that book, the subject of language is not brought up.  Talking about the language that I used in The Black Robin Christmas Carol is something that never really crossed my mind.  This is due to my viewpoint on how people should express their moral values.  People should not shout to the world that they are a good, upstanding, moral person.  Instead, people should just be good, upstanding moral people and let other people recognize them for their actions.  Even if people do not recognize you for your actions, you should still do them because you feel that they are good.  Shouting to the world that you are a good person is not something that a good person should do.
The approach that I would advise people to take to language is to approach the language you use in the way that you feel is most appropriate without making a big deal about it.  If people around you use language that you find objectionable, to not berate them about using inappropriate language.  Instead serve as a great example to those around you, and possibly the people who use language you object to, and use language to articulate yourself in the way you feel is most appropriate.  All berating others about the language that they use accomplishes is to make you look like the unreasonable one.  Instead of saying you want to use language that "everybody can enjoy", just do it.
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Caroline Simard said...

Hi Redertainment,

Brigitte B here.
I was on your blog last week and think it is great. Just read your article which is very well written.

I agree that we should lead by example in the most humble of ways. Each person does that in a different manner.

For myself, I have said many times, that people in my life curse on a regular basis and I do not look at them any differently because of it.

I know their intent is completely harmless. In certain things, curse words have their place and make an impact accordingly. I take no issue with that.

Yes, I have been known to curse at times,and certainly am not holier than now. My preference is not to and I try to be conscious of it. It is not upsetting to me when anyone curses on chat.

Truth be told, it is my sincere belief that whether you curse or not has nothing to do with the kind of person you are. We all come from different walks of life that mold us.

I also understand, people are full of judgments and will see you however they wish regardless of the way you articulate yourself.

A better comfort level for me resides with a clean show. There are a few personal reasons for that.

Thank you for voicing you opinion on this. It is great to have free speech.

Hunter Red said...

It's interesting how people with different approaches to language can have similar opinions about it.

This would make a great reply on the All Games forums.