Volume 11: Part 1- Moenia Prima: Monday, May 9th, 8:04 P.M.

Monday, May 9th, 8:04 P.M.
Today was my interview for a mail processor position with the Dolore Federal Postal Service, and this interview actually went well.  I’m shocked.  Legitimately.  Let me tell you about it.
First of all, the appointment for the interview was at 3:45, which meant I didn’t have to ditch school in order to show up.  This is great because I value my education and their flexibility on appointment times shows a level of consideration on DFPS’s part.  I write that in case my parents are reading this.
When I arrived at the DFPS’s offices for my interview, I checked in and took a seat in the lobby.  As I looked around the lobby, seeing the other nervously patient people in their best rarely worn business attire, I noticed a pretty even mix of opfers and verbrechers.  I don’t know if they were just appeasing come racial equity mandate of if this was a genuine, good hearted gesture, but I found this situation to be uplifting to me.
After waiting for about forty-five minutes, I was called back for my interview.  Rather than the one interviewer setup I got at Warrior Technological, I was interviewed by five people.  Five people, three verbrechers and two opfer, who greeted me warmly with firm handshakes and bright smiles.  After the treatment I got at my last interview, I also found this to be uplifting to me.
The actual interview went smoothly.  We went over my resume, my hobbies and interests, and my hopes for the future.  I was told that if I did get hired on at DFPS and got into college, that they’d be open to being flexible with my schedule and help with tuition.  Being told this was a lot better than being told I was a filthy sub-human unworthy of life.
When the interview was finished, the interviewers all shook my hand and wished me well.  On my way out, I asked one of them about my chances of being hired.  “Well, we’ve got a lot of applicants for the few number of positions we have to fill.  However, Mister Shurtleff, you have made quite a good impression on us today.”  Uh-oh.
Okay, so not everything went my way today, but a lot of things did!  This interview was certainly better than sitting in a waiting room at Barrett, Copeland, & Reno, and WAY better than the fire hose of bigotry and racism I got hit with at Warrior Technological.  Who knows, I might actually become an employee of the Dolore Federal Postal Service!
Smiling as I wish you goodnight.
Hato Shurtleff

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