Volume 11: Part 1- Moenia Prima: Friday, May 13th, 5:08 P.M.

Friday, May 13th, 5:08 P.M.
Today, my friends and I went to grab something to eat after school.  My parents were okay with it because it’s not a school night and I didn’t tell them I was doing it beforehand.  We went to the “authentic” opfer dining restaurant that just opened up by the cultural center.  We figured we’d better go there before another verbrecher gang smashes and torches the place again.
Sparra couldn’t go with us because he was working.  It was just me, Delany, Wanda, Delany’s boyfriend Matthew, and Wanda’s boyfriend Aaron.  I wasn’t a third wheel in this situation, I was a fifth wheel.
My Hipster is a great tool to distract me from awkward situations like this.  While Delany and Matthew were being cute and playful with each other, and Wanda and Aaron feeling each other up over their clothes, I was shooting cartoon animals at other cartoon animals.  The explosions emitted from my Hipster took my mind away from Delany being all lovey-dovey with a guy who’s not me.  Really.
Just as the food we ordered was being served to us, a chime came from my Hipster.  My Mom had sent me the following email.
You just received a message from Cheryl at DFPS.  She was calling to tell you that you hadn’t gotten the job.  Sorry.  Also, when are you coming home?
            So not only am I a fifth wheel and still unemployed, but now my Mom is starting to harp on me.  Oh joy.
Hato Shurtleff

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